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Modis-Vendorpass Partnership

As a Modis client, you can get additional benefits via Vendorpass.

We recognize the value of certain partnerships to our clients. If we can partner with another company to offer cost-effective, complementary services, we’ll do it. How it works is, when you’re a Modis client, you receive special pricing and priority from our partners.

This partnership with Vendorpass was a no-brainer, as we’re both part of the Adecco Group, a global Fortune 500 company. Vendorpass is basically our sister company.

Who is Vendorpass?

They’re a leader in contingent/temporary workforce management. Their tagline—Workforce Management Simplified—perfectly describes their approach. They take a complex process and make it easy—and they do it in a custom, consultative way. Technology is one of their areas of expertise, but they work with companies in an array of industries across North America.

What are the benefits?

Beyond the special pricing and prioritization you’ll receive as a Modis client, the list of benefits is substantial:

  • 100% worker classification compliance (W-2 and 1099)
  • Indemnification of misclassification risks
  • Improved management of non-preferred staffing suppliers
  • Compliance with federal, state and local employment taxes
  • More time to focus on your daily business operations
  • Reduced classification and onboarding costs

Learn much more by visiting their site.


Read the benefits of our Staffing Solutions and get help managing your new workers with Vendorpass.

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