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  • The Adecco Group: Techeetah’s Leo Thomas Crowned Modis Formula E Engineer of the Year

    Modis seeks to recognize technical excellence in the innovative world of electric racing with inaugural award celebrating vital role of engineers in electric racing.

  • SIA: Modis globally rebrands; promotes segments aimed at enterprise and retail buyers.

    The rebrand is the “culmination of a massive amount of change here in the US,” said Ger Doyle, president of enterprise solutions. It will also segment the division to one aimed at enterprise firms and another with a retail staffing focus.

  • CIO: The 7 fundamentals of IT consultant success

    "Your resume may get you in the door of a prospective client, but your interview is where you make a lasting impression and land the opportunity," says Todd Weneck, vice president of search at Modis, a provider of IT staffing services.

  • TechTarget: Four trends shaping the future of the HR profession

    "With the unemployment rate continuing to hover around historic lows, there aren't enough workers with the right skills to fill all of the jobs available. This is pushing companies to loosen their requirements during the hiring process," said Todd Weneck, VP at Modis, an IT and engineering staffing agency. "For example, employers view online degrees more positively than they did 10 years ago. Some companies are putting less emphasis on education altogether and are more concerned with a job candidate's previous experience or potential to be trained."

  • Barron's: If AI Is the Future, Is the Future Already Here?

    The “2017 STEM Workplace Trends” survey illustrates that after years of hype AI will have a profound impact on the domestic economy and workforce, says Trent Beekman, president of recruitment solutions at Modis.

  • What to Do If Your Boss Is Among the 26 Percent Who Say No to a Bonus

    This year, 74 percent of those responsible for hiring decisions in science, tech, engineering and medical fields say they plan to give their employees a bonus, according to the 2017 STEM Workplace Trends survey from information technology staffing company Modis.

  • Bloomberg BNA: Are Millennials the Only Group Employers Turn to for Tech Jobs?

    Companies might hesitate to market a job toward older workers because younger employees are typically seen as digital natives, having grown up with technology, according to Trent Beekman, president of recruitment solutions at Modis. However, Beekman said, keeping up with constant changes in technology can be difficult at any age, and employees need to have a futuristic outlook regardless of how old they are.

  • CNBC: Expect bonuses, not pay raises, this holiday season

    More than 70 percent of respondents in the science, technology, engineering, and medical areas said they're planning to give employees bonuses this year. That's according to a separate August survey by employment recruiter Modis.

  • Crain's Chicago Business: Rahm Emanuel: 3 things that give Chicago an edge in the HQ race

    Chicago is now ranked the sixth-strongest tech hub in the world by KPMG and the No. 1 future global tech hot spot by Modis. Tech is the fastest-growing sector in Chicago's well-diversified economy, and we recently rated second in the nation in growth of tech jobs, just slightly behind Silicon Valley.

  • HRE Online: New STEM Challenge: Ageism

    “With more than half of STEM professionals ranking age and gender as the largest diversity struggle in their fields, employers need to be aware of these concerns and aim to make purposeful changes if they want to attract and retain top talent,” said John Marshall III, CEO, Modis, in a company statement.

  • A Winning Company Culture Communicates Your Values Around The Clock

    Ger Doyle, president of enterprise solutions at Modis, an information-technology staffing company, says its recent survey of decision-makers in the science, technology, engineering and medical fields found that opportunity for professional growth and a career pathway are the top benefits to attract candidates and keep the best talent engaged.

  • CIO Dive: Age disparities in the workplace cause tensions

    Millennials may dominate the tech workforce, but their opinions on workplace diversity and benefits are not reflective of the workforce in general, according to a Modis study of more than 1,500 STEM decision makers.

  • Benefits Pro Magazine: What benefits matter most to STEM workers?

    Even though millennials may be flooding the STEM (science, technology, engineering and medical) fields, that doesn’t mean that their opinions on everything from diversity to benefits should be the governing factors in hiring and management policies.

  • More Stats Continue to Reveal the Extent of Ageism in the Tech Community

    [Modis] found that nearly four in 10 STEM professionals believe that age disparity is the greatest diversity concerns their field struggles to remedy.

  • CIO Review: Staffing Up for the Next Wave of Cloud Transformation

    According to Matthew Ripaldi, Regional SVP, Modis, new tech jobs are coming to the forefront as companies evolve their IT infrastructures to software-centric, automated services that enable predictive analytics.

  • Network World: 10 highest-paying IT security jobs

    "One area we're still seeing huge demand for is in cybersecurity, and hiring companies are willing to pay whatever it takes for talent that can help secure data and mitigate threats while simultaneously ensuring consistent and simplified accessibility from desktop to mobile devices. Companies are sending the message with their budgets: you can't put a price on that," says Jack Cullen, CEO of IT staffing firm Modis.

  • Tech Republic: Help wanted: Universities double down on security to help fill 1 million open jobs

    A September 2016 Modis survey found that of 500 technology leaders, 22% said security and infrastructure skills were the most difficult to find in job candidates. And 40% of CXOs surveyed said external threats were their company's largest security worry. *

  • Tight IT job market means employers will pay more

    "Today's employers need to be open to negotiation and today's candidates need to be willing to negotiate," says Jack Cullen, president of Modis.

  • Human Resource Executive Online: Rebranding in a Digital Age

    "We're seeing a major evolution in the workload for HR, so that now it's, 'How can we create a great culture?' “ says Jack Cullen, CEO of Modis, a leading information-technology staffing firm, noting a shift away from a 1990s strategy of simply trying to financially outbid Silicon Valley rivals.

  • 3D Printing and the Economy: Detroit Ranked Best City in the US for CAD Designers, According to Modis

    Detroit was hit hard by the recession and the outsourcing of automotive jobs, among other factors, and recovery has been a struggle – but what many people might not know is that Detroit is also the top city for CAD designers, according to a recent study conducted by IT and engineering staffing agency Modis.

  • DesignNews: The Motor City Tops the Best Town List for CAD Designers

    “Detroit’s success can be directly attributed to the automobile industry,” Matthew Ripaldi, SVP at Modis, told Design News. “This has had a ripple effect on other cities across the state, namely Niles (which came in second) . If we just look at the concentration of jobs, then other places like Ann Arbor and Monroe are also above average when it comes to CAD design opportunities."

  • PTC: 10 Best Places to Be a CAD Designer

    “It’s a good time to be a CAD designer,” said Matthew Ripaldi, senior vice president at Modis. “Over the next few years, we’re anticipating job creation above the national average in both the IT and engineering industries, so highly skilled talent, like CAD designers, are positioned to take advantage of competitive opportunities."

  • dbusiness: Detroit and Niles Take Top Rankings for CAD Designers

    Global IT and engineering staffing agency Modis today released its top 10 ranking of U.S. cities to live in for computer-aided design (CAD), and Detroit came out on top, while Niles, a small city just north of South Bend, was ranked second.

  • Chicagoist: New Ranking Names Chicago #1 Emerging Tech Hub

    The latest prediction to herald Chicago's tech sector comes from Modis, an Information Technology staffing services company, which conducted a user survey to determine which big city housing markets were poised to be "transformed" by the tech industry.

  • Visualistan: The State of the Tech Job Marketing #infographic

    Tech trends are constantly shifting. To accommodate this change, IT hiring managers need to keep an eye on current trends and the employment landscape. To assist with this need, Modis surveyed 500 IT decision makers responsible for hiring within their organization and then collected the data.

  • Human Resources Online: Tech Leaders Reveal Recruitment Gaps 2017

    According to research by IT staffing services Modis, tech leaders cited finding good interpersonal skills the biggest recruitment challenge tech employers will face this year. In fact, 31% of the 500 respondents based in United States shared that soft skills were the most difficult to find among candidates.

  • Recruitment Buzz: Tech Business leaders Reveal 2017’s Recruitment Gaps

    Jack Cullen, president of Modis commented: “While age is an increasingly prevalent issue in recruitment, diversity issues like gender and ethnicity should not be forgotten. In 2016, women held only 26% of technology jobs, so there is still a lot of opportunity to address that gap.”

  • Career Metis: The State of the Tech Job Market

    Tech trends are shifting. To accommodate this change, managers need to understand current movements and the employment landscape. To assist with this need, Modis surveyed 500 IT decision makers to find out what we have install for the year to come.

  • HR Daily Advisor: New Survey Reveals the State of the Tech Job Market

    Tech trends are constantly shifting. To accommodate this change, IT hiring managers need to keep an eye on current trends and the employment landscape. To assist with this need, Modis—a global IT and Engineering staffing agency—surveyed 500 IT decision makers responsible for hiring within their organization.

  • Techno FAQ: 500 Business Leaders Reveal 2017’s Tech Trends

    When it comes to new technology, 46% of  business leaders  said they thought artificial intelligence would be the biggest trend of 2017. This prediction may already be coming to fruition, as already this year, a Japanese insurance firm announced it would be replacing 34 employees with an artificial intelligence system designed to calculate pay-outs.

  • Kane County Connects: Good News for Kane County: Chicago Named No. 1 Tech Hub

    Jack Cullen, president of Modis, said the tech-savvy workforce in the Chicago area is one reason Chicago is poised to be transformed by the tech industry. “Chicago is set to see an impressive growth in tech jobs over the next decade,” he said. “Network engineer positions are predicted to get a 17 percent boost in numbers in the city.”

  • Urban Matter: Chicago Ranked #1 Tech Hotspot on the Rise

    According to a survey by tech and engineering staffing agency, Modis, that compared trends amongst tech employers, Chicago was the most popular choice for U.S. cities emerging in the tech field. Alongside Chicago, the survey compared cities such as Dallas, Boston, Denver, Detroit, Philadelphia, Houston, and Omaha, with Omaha ranking as the least popular choice. 500 “IT decision makers” participated in the survey.

  • Paper Blog: Chicago Ranked #1 Tech Hotspot on the Rise

    According to a survey by tech and engineering staffing agency, Modis, that compared trends amongst tech employers, Chicago was the most popular choice for U.S. cities emerging in the tech field.

  • RIS Media: Five Housing Markets on the Verge of a Tech Boom

    The hottest housing markets have one determining factor in common: employment opportunities. Cities with jobs in growing fields draw incoming residents in droves—and none is more in-demand currently than technology. Which markets will tech next make its mark in? A recent survey by Modis, an IT staffing services provider, identified the housing markets on set to be transformed by technology.

  • Loop North News: More Millennials will buy homes now that Chicago is #1 in tech jobs

    Chicago currently is identified as the nation’s #1 housing market, soon to be transformed by technology, according to a recent survey by Modis, an IT-staffing provider. The other top tech job cities are Houston, Boston, Denver, and Philadelphia.

  • Crain’s Chicago Business: Morning 10 The News You Need to Start Your Day

    The latest prediction to herald the city's tech sector comes from Modis, an information technology staffing services company, which conducted a user survey to determine which big city housing markets were poised to be "transformed" by the tech industry.

  • Gracik Makinney: Chicago’s Tech Boom Great News for Elmhurst Market

    Chicago was ranked number one in cities likely to experience large growth in the tech job sector, according to the survey, conducted by Modis, an IT staffing services provider. In fact, Chicago is more likely to attract young professionals who have worked in technology for five years or less than any other city.

  • El Chicago Hispano: Chicago nombrada entre los ‘Top Tech” en tecnologia de future

    La ciudad de Chicago fue nombrada la parte superior de la nación hot spot de tecnología del futuro, de acuerdo con una encuesta de Modis publicado hoy.

  • Baseline: What Employers Must Do to Land Tech Talent

    As competition to recruit qualified technology professionals grows increasingly intense, a significant number of IT decision-makers reported that tech job candidates now expect a salary that is higher than the market average for their roles, according to a recent survey from Modis.

  • Dice Insights: 8 Elements to Building Trust with Candidates

    Will Kelly, the Dallas recruiting director for recruiting firm Modis, agrees with this idea. “Always return the phone call,” he said, “and when you do, be honest. If someone’s been eliminated from consideration, tell them why. This is being professional, and it’s basic.”

  • Tech Republic: Report: Despite growing security threats, CXOs struggle to find cybersecurity professionals

    "Cybersecurity is one of the most in-demand and hardest to find skillsets," said Jack Cullen, president of Modis. "Companies want people that have hands-on experience, as opposed to just educational skills in this area."

  • Staffing Industry Analysts: Staffing Industry Analysts: One-Third Would Offer a 10% to 15% Salary Increase to Attract Tech Talent, Survey Finds

    In today’s candidate-focused market, one-third of tech employers, 32%, would offer a 10% to 15% salary increase in order to attract top talent, according to a new report, "Tech Trends: IT Leaders and the Employment Market," released today by Modis, an information technology staffing division of Adecco SA.

  • HR Dive: Tech employers tend to be willing to pay more for talent

    Jack Cullen, president of Modis, explains that the very low unemployment rate (2.6%) in the tech sector says it all: employers have to do what it takes to land talent. Today's technology employers have to keep an open mind when it comes to negotiating salary and benefits — and perhaps the time each applicant spends at previous jobs, as well.

  • US News and World Report: What Employers Think of Your Online Masters in Engineering

    “Online graduate programs in engineering have become more prevalent because, Cullen says, they enable engineers to work and pursue a degree at the same time – there's no need to take a gap year to return to school. Balancing online learning and a full-time job also illustrates self-discipline and a firm commitment to engineering – a field requiring skills in high demand, Cullen says.”

  • TechRepublic: Computer Science Teachers Need Cybersecurity Education

    “Candace Arillo, who works in the San Jose office of international recruiting company Modis, said young candidates tend to be good at security in network architecture or web applications, but they lack relevant experience in contextual issues such as compliance. Fortunately, many companies are willing to train, she said.”

  • Computerworld: How to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile with Keywords

    “To stand out — and rise to the top of search results — you need to take a more strategic approach to your LinkedIn profile's content, says Matthew Ripaldi, senior regional vice president in the Houston office of IT recruiting firm Modis.”

  • CSO Online: Infosec jobs - Use keywords to boost your LinkedIn ranking

    “It’s all about searchability on LinkedIn. You want to make it easy for recruiters and hiring managers to find you,”says Matthew Ripaldi, senior regional vice president at talent firm Modis. “You do that by loading your profile with words and phrases that they would use to find people with your experience.”

  • CNBC: For In-demand Workers It's Not Just About Money

    “While the economic recovery continues to lurch in fits and starts, companies are stepping up efforts to attract and retain workers with in-demand skills, from developers to data scientists.”

  • The Fiscal Times: The Benefit Most Workers Want and No- It's Not Unlimited Vacation

    “Armed with this newfound leverage, workers are naturally negotiating for better pay. But in addition to yelling, "Show me the money!" many have added a new ask to their demands: Show me the flexibility!”

  • NBC News: Flexible Hours Rated As Most Important Perk at Work

    “A new survey by technology staffing firm Modis found that "flexible work hours" is by far the most desired benefit among workers. In the firm's survey of adult U.S. workers, slightly more than 50 percent picked flex hours as their top perk — far more than chose free food, unlimited vacation time and even on-site child care or paid parental leave.”

  • Nightly Business Report: For in-demand workers, it’s not just about the money

    “People are happier when they are able to take care of things when they come up,” said Jack Cullen, president of Modis. “I think employers are recognizing this is real and (flexible hours) is a way to really attract and keep people.”

  • Yahoo! Finance: What employee perk is almost as important as pay?

    "Gone are the days when you just put out a foosball table" to cater to younger workers, Cullen said. "We know that in high-demand skill areas, there's pent-up demand and there aren't enough resources out there. I don't think you can just continue to pay more and more. At some point, you've got to be creative."

  • Are your IT certifications killing your career?

    “A 2015 Modis survey found that healthcare and education are forecasted to have the most significant need for technology talent. The increasing rise of start-ups focused on niche markets and products is another factor encouraging specialization.”

  • The Cheat Sheet: The Do’s and Don’ts of Asking for a Flexible Work Schedule

    “A recent survey by technology staffing firm Modis found that flexibility is the most sought after job perk. However, this perk can be hard to come by as some employers are still hesitant to loosen the reins.”

  • New York Times DealBook: Defining Diversity in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street

    “We’ve seen a lot more attention being placed on diversity and getting the right workers in place,” said Jack Cullen, president of Modis, a staffing firm that fills the lower ranks in the technology sector. “Companies in the Silicon Valley area have taken this a step further than places like Wall Street.”

  • The Street: Tech Industries Hiring as Employment Outlook Remains Positive

    “The IT industry continues to hire employees because the demand for the sector's services remains high. The outlook for the remainder of the year and 2016 will show continued growth in the IT industry, said Jack Cullen, president of Modis, the technology staffing division of Adecco.”

  • Philadelphia Sun Times: Flex Work Is No. 1 on Americans' Job Benefits Wish List

    “Technology staffing firm Modis recently conducted a study that found flexible work hours to be the most desired benefit among job hunters, beating out other perks such child care, paid parental leave, and even unlimited vacation to take the top spot.”

  • Digital Trends: How do Americans really feel about tech? A Modis survey gives us some insight

    “But just how confident are Americans in our ability to maintain our status as leaders of the pack when it comes to tech and innovation? A new survey from Modis gives us some insight into how Americans really feel about the booming industry.”

  • Yahoo! Finance: How do Americans really feel about tech? A Modis survey gives us some insight

    “It’s clear that science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education — and in particular, technology — needs [greater focus], especially in secondary education,” Jack Cullen, president of Modis, told me via email.”

  • New York Times: Defining Diversity in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street

    “We’ve seen a lot more attention being placed on diversity and getting the right workers in place,” said Jack Cullen, president of Modis, a staffing firm that fills the lower ranks in the technology sector. “Companies in the Silicon Valley area have taken this a step further than places like Wall Street.”

  • TheStreet: Flex Work Is No. 1 on Americans' Job Benefits Wish List

    “Technology staffing firm Modis recently conducted a study that found flexible work hours to be the most desired benefit among job hunters, beating out other perks such child care, paid parental leave, and even unlimited vacation to take the top spot.”

  • eWeek: Americans Confident in U.S. Tech Leadership Position

    “More than 60 percent of Americans are confident the U.S. is a global technology leader, and 79.1 percent feel this leadership will continue for the next five years, boding well as the U.S. enters an election year, according to a Modis survey of 1,010 Americans over the age of 18.”

  • BenefitsPro: This is the Most Coveted Employee Perk

    “A survey of U.S. adults by Modis, a tech staffing firm, found that more than 50 percent chose flexible hours as the most important work perk”

  • Upstart Business Journal: INFOGRAPHIC: how non-techies can find tech talent

    “With the help of the Modis infographic, Upstart explains how entrepreneurs and business owners with little to no tech experience can hire the best of the best for their IT roles.”

  • HongKiat: How to hire the right tech talent

    “Technology and design website, HongKiat believes that hiring managers don’t need technical know-how to hire top tech talent. By using the Modis infographic, they explain how to sniff out the good apples from the bad and offer top tips for hiring IT employees.”

  • Recruiter: Not a Techie? You Can Still Find the Right Tech Talent for Your Company

    “Recruiter says hiring tech professionals when you yourself don’t have the technical expertise is a new norm in many businesses. That’s where the Modis infographic comes in. Recruiter used the IG to help hiring managers learn how to find top tech talent and get more comfortable with the IT hiring process.”

  • CEO World Magazine: What non-tech recruiters need to look for when seeking the right tech talent

    “CEO World Magazine recognizes that for non-tech professionals tasked with recruiting techies, finding the right fit can be difficult if not nearly impossible. They shared some key findings from the Modis IG to help their audience hire the right tech professionals.”

  • SitePro News: How non-techies can find the right tech talent

    “The Modis infographic helped SitePro News relay what non-techies should look for when hiring tech talent. The infographic shared the best interview questions to weed out good IT hires from bad and offered a handy checklist to make the tech hiring process much easier for non-techies.”

  • New York Business Journal: A brief History of hard work: Labor Day explained

    “Labor Day, 2015, is a lot different than it was 1882 — that's the year when 10,000 workers marched in a parade in New York City, an event organized by the Carpenters & Joiners Union.”

  • Career Addict: Back to Work: The Evolution of Labor Day [Infographic]

    “Labor Day marks the end of the summer vacation season and reminds people that it is time to get back to work. Celebrated on the first Monday in September, this day is dedicated to US workers and all of the efforts that have contributed to the prosperity and growth of the United States.”

  • Fox News: Why You Really Need to Unplug While on Vacation

    “With the help of the Modis infographic, Fox News explains why taking a tech-free vacation is beneficial to your health and to your career.”

  • Entrepreneur: Why You Really Need to Unplug While on Vacation

    “Entrepreneur discusses the new norm of working while on vacation. Their blog post notes that the “eye-opening” Modis infographic explains just why you can’t afford to plug-in while on holiday.”

  • Holy Kaw: The Pros of a Tech-Free Vacation

    “An article on Alltop in the Holy Kaw section challenged readers to think about the last time they went on vacation without being connected. With the help of the Modis IG, they were able to demonstrate exactly why it’s so important to go tech-free.”

  • HongKiat: Why You Should go on a Tech-Free Vacation

    “Hong Kiat, a leading technology and design website, believes disconnecting from your gadgets can help you reconnect better with family and friends. They showcased the Modis infographic to also show the benefits of taking tech-free vacations.”

  • iPixel Creative: Why You Should go on a Tech-Free Vacation

    “The Modis infographic helped iPixel Creative reiterate the importance of disconnecting from tech. In their blog post, iPixel talked about the dependence many people have on technology and used the information from the IG to help explain the impact that can have on your well-being.”

  • Get Safe Online: What is Your Business's Greatest Cyber Threat?

    “The site specializing in online safety provides a rundown of the recent Modis infographic tackling potential sources of a security breach.”

  • SiteProNews: What is Your Business' Greatest Security Threat?

    “The site dedicated to social media, search and all things tech host the most recent Modis security infographic in their curated infographic section.”

  • Statup Nation: What's Your Business's Greatest Cyber Threat?

    “Reiterating that cyber security is highly important to all businesses, Startup Nation reiterates that key weak spots include BYOD and encryption while showcasing the Modis IG.”

  • Nextgov: Whats Your Organization's Biggest Cyber Threat?

    “Reiterating that security is a big deal for both public and private institutions, Nextgov showcases the Modis IG to demonstrate government cyber security initiatives.”

  • The Best Way to Recharge on Vacation (Infographic)

    “The infographic below from Modis explains why entrepreneurs and their employees should completely unplug during vacation.”

  • [Infographic] Why Startups Are Going To Change The World

    “But if you're not convinced of that, here is an infographic from the team at Modis highlighting the various reasons why startups are destined to change the world in which they operate, as well as look at various startups that are likely to not only disrupt the industries they're in but also help boost the economy.”

  • Soccer Break: Why It Pays to Watch the World Cup at Work

    “Banning employees from watching the game won't stop them. It's just going to make them sneakier — and lots of surreptitious streaming could slow the company's Internet access to a crawl.” said Jack Cullen, president of Modis IT Staffing.

  • A New Approach In Luring Top Tech Talent: A Streamlined Hiring Process

    “Jack Cullen, president of IT staffing firm Modis, offered a blunt assessment of the U.S. IT hiring process: "Managers that are hiring IT talent, they're pickier than ever and they're hurting themselves." Talented workers may have multiple job offers, he added, so slow and overly selective employers will lose their top choices.”

  • 5 Tips For Choosing an IT Degree

    “Modis Senior Vice Presidents Dan Pollock and Matthew Ripaldi provide insight regarding considerations when choosing the educational foundation of one's IT career.”

  • How to Build a Software Developer Talent Pipeline

    “Dan Pollock, senior vice president at Modis, an IT staffing and recruiting services firm, say aptitude and attitude are two of the most difficult attributes to screen when hiring developers, especially when balancing the need to move quickly when hiring.”

  • Mediocre Test Scores at a Pretty Steep Price

    “The United States scored at approximately a C minus average on the PISA exam and ranks 17th in reading, 26th in science & 21st in math worldwide. These dismal results show that as a nation, the US is wasting the $115,000 it roughly spends on educating each child in the nation. President Jack Cullen weighs in to mention the shortage of workers (and interest) for the growing number of IT positions available in the US.”

  • IT Pros Get Training on Their Own Dime

    “Jack Cullen sits down with Mary K. Pratt of ComputerWorld to discuss why many IT professionals are willing to pay out of pocket for their own educations. Jack says that these workers on the right track, as education is a valuable asset for success in this competitive and fast-paced field. Extra education stands out in a stack of resumes.”

  • IT Millennials: CEO or Bust

    “President Jack Cullen sits down with Kevin Casey of InformationWeek to discuss the Modis millennial survey results. Modis confirms that two out of three millennial IT staffers strive to be CEO of a company they start themselves. This discovery has been dubbed 'The Zuckerberg Effect.'”

  • Dare To Be Different: 5 Reasons Geeks Get Great Jobs

    “A recent Modis “Geek Pride” survey found that more than 87% of Americans are proud to admit that they have inner geek qualities. Geeks rejoice! Those "geeky" characteristics can serve this 87% well in a job hunt.”

  • Halloween '13: What Tech Frightens Us Most

    “In their latest October 2013 survey released just in time for All Hallows' Eve, IT recruiting firm Modis surveyed 1000 Americans to find out what potential tech disasters are keeping them up at night. Modis polled 1,005 Americans to understand what technology disasters “scared” them the most and which information or content they were most afraid to have shared with the public.”

  • What Scares Consumers Most About Technology

    “Modis, an IT recruiting firm, recently polled American consumers asking what they fear most about technology. The survey revealed that security breaches and the ensuing data loss top consumers' list of technology-related worries.”

  • What Are America's Biggest Tech Fears?

    “In a recent Halloween-themed telephone survey, Americans discussed their greatest technological fears--and it turns out that our neighbors worry about mundane (and surprisingly common) things. According to a survey from IT firm Modis, 50% of Americans are most afraid of their banking information being leaked without consent, while 22% worry about their email account being hacked.”

  • IT Careers: Should You Be an SVP?

    “These days, some tech leaders are sporting more than one title on their business card. We explore the ins and outs of adding a few letters after C-I-O. Modis SVP Matthew Ripaldi sits down with ComputerWorld to discuss.”

  • 15 Common IT Job Search Mistakes

    “In a competitive job market, finding a new IT position can be an uphill battle. Even the smallest mistake could cost you the opportunity. Ensure that you're not making one of these commonly seen blunders in your job search.”

  • Utility sets IT department on path to self-destruction

    “Northeast Utilities has told its IT employees that it is considering outsourcing tech work to India-based services providers -- a plan that puts as many as 400 IT jobs at risk.”

  • IT Job Search Tips for Baby Boomers

    “Is your extensive IT experience and your age making it harder to find a new positions? Learn how to limit the effects of age discrimination and land that interview... If you are in the technology field and you don't have a social media presence you are doing yourself a disservice. More and more companies are turning to social media to find new talent. ‘We highly recommend that if someone does not have a LinkedIn profile established to spend the time in doing so upfront,’ says Matthew Ripaldi, senior vice president with IT staffing firm Modis.”

  • With worker retirements looming, IT starts to prepare for a workforce exodus

    “Companies keen on retaining veteran workers, and their knowledge, are initiating retirement conversations early to increase the likelihood that these employees will stay on in some capacity after they stop working full time, said Matthew Ripaldi, senior vice president at IT staffing firm Modis.”

  • 13 Steps to Help You Deal with Losing Your IT Job

    “Losing a job is likely the most emotional event you will experience in your professional life... To help you get back on track as quickly as possible, we spoke with a CIO, a career strategist and IT staffing firm Modis to see what they advise people in their network to do when they wind up in this scenario.”

  • Most Americans don't want wearable tech like iWatch, Google Glass

    “Apple's anticipated iWatch and Google Glass have provoked plenty of headlines, but a recent poll shows that a majority of well-heeled Americans with college degrees wouldn't consider buying or wearing such devices... Modis commissioned [a] survey... partly to gauge how much demand IT operations will face from workers who want to use smart watches and smart glasses at work.”

  • KFAB-AM Omaha: State of the Job Market

    Modis managing director, Brody Deren, discusses where those entering college should look for growing job opportunities down the line, while also addressing the growing STEM initiatives as an area of growth for jobs in the future.

  • 8 Skype Job Interview Don'ts

    “The environment for your video call can be just as important as the content, according to Matthew Ripaldi, senior vice president at IT recruiting and staffing firm Modis... Ripaldi advises clients to be honest about timeframes they have available where they can be in comfortable and engaging surroundings and not to try to fit interviews in.”

  • How to Better Engage Millenials (And Why They Aren’t Really So Different)

    “How to manage and work with millennials is a hot topic in the IT jobs sector. What is it about this generation that makes them so different from generations past? Or maybe they aren't that different after all. ‘They [millennials] have aspirations and they want to achieve them real quick. There has to be clear communication on where we are today, where we are going to be tomorrow and what’s expected for them to achieve. We make sure they understand that there is a process that needs to be met and accomplishments that you need to hit in order to ascend to that realm,’ says Jack Cullen, CEO of Modis, an IT staffing company.”

  • Tech-savvy college hires bring integration, communication challenges to IT workplaces

    “Some college graduates may find their first foray into the work world daunting and need help finding their place in the office, said Jack Cullen, president of IT staffing firm Modis. Market demand and a generational mentality mean these workers will leave a position if the fit isn't right, making thorough training essential, he said.”

  • Let Your Geek Flag Fly!

    “In a Geek Pride Day survey by Modis, 61% say they would purchase and wear a smart watch (a computerized wristwatch with Smartphone functionality), and 56% percent say the same about smart glasses (glasses with Smartphone and camera functionality).”

  • It’s Geek Pride Day! Put on your smartglasses and laugh at your own jokes

    “IT staffing firm Modis is back with a new installment of its Geek Pride survey, sampling opinions about geeks and geeky issues from more than 1,000 Americans, including people who identify themselves as geeks and non-geeks.”

  • Happy Geek Pride Day: The Survey

    “Meanwhile, a recent Geek Pride Day Survey was conducted by Modis IT Staffing. And the findings are telling, and in some cases, chuckle-worthy — but not as hilarious geeks think they are.”

  • Geeks More Secure About Their Superman Pajamas, Star Wars Memorabilia

    “Thanks in part to the growing mainstream influence of science fiction, comic books and superheros, as well as hit television sitcoms like 'The Big Bang Theory,' geeks have never had it so good. In celebration of Geek Pride Day on May 18, IT recruitment firm Modis conducted a survey focused on the American geek and found that public perception of geeks continues to improve.”

  • Let Your Geek Flag Fly! It’s Geek Pride Day! Let’s Celebrate With Statistics!

    “Let’s celebrate the best way geeks know how — with cold hard data. The folks at Modis conducted a survey on the state of geekdom in America. Let’s look at the numbers.”

  • Only 68% of Americans Would Date a Geek

    “I just got an email regarding the result of the Modis Geek Pride Survey 2013 (a survey of 1000 Americans) and I was shocked! They claim that: Sixty-eight percent (68 percent) of all respondents say they would date a geek! This could be because a majority (67 percent) of Americans associates geeks with being loyal, an important component to any relationship. And I shook my head and thought ‘how is it only 68%?’”

  • The San Francisco Chronicle: Wave Your Geek Flag for Geek Pride Day

    “Geeks are the new hipsters. At least that seems to be the case according to an annual survey in honor of Geek Pride Day on Saturday. Modis, an IT staffing company, reported that 68 percent of people find Google Glass-wearing geeks hot and would date them. That’s because geeks are considered intelligent, loyal, hardworking and gainfully employed.”

  • San Jose Mercury News: Real Geeks Don’t Do Geek Pride Day

    “A new — and modest — survey supports the notion that there’s been a cultural shift in how Americans see geeks… ‘Being a geek has gone mainstream,’ said Jack Cullen, president of Modis, an information technology company that commissioned the study. ‘It's now chic to be geek.’”

  • The Denver Post: Geek Pride Day Survey: 68% Would Date a Geek

    “May 25th is the day geeks have claimed as our own, whether you call it Geek Pride Day, Towel Day or The Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May. And a recent Geek Pride Day Survey from Modis IT Staffing shows we’re letting our geek flags fly higher than ever before.”

  • Geek Pride Day Is May 25: Here's How To Celebrate

    “For three years running, IT recruitment agency Modis has conducted an annual Geek Pride survey in honor of the holiday. More than 1,000 American adults shared their thoughts about all things geek.”

  • Business News Daily: Winning the IT Talent War

    “The war for IT talent is raging… If you're a small- or medium-sized business looking for talent, a standard, online job posting just won't cut it in a jobseekers' market.”

  • ABC News: Celebrate Geek Pride Day, May 25

    “May the 25th is worldwide Geek Pride Day! In honor of the occasion, global IT staffing and recruiting service Modis has conducted a survey in geek pride, finding that it's no longer necessary for Americans today to ‘sneak their geek.’”

  • Americans Proud of Their ‘Inner Geek’

    “Modis, an IT staffing company, has produced a new survey which reveals that nearly all Americans confess to having at least a little bit of geek inside of them… Beyond that, your tech workers may be happy to find out that they're not only considered ‘cool,’ but quite dateable… ‘our survey shows that it’s definitely a good time to be a geek.’”

  • Cosmopolitan: Truth: A Geeky Guy is a Damn Good Catch

    “While geeks, nerds, and the like have had a hard go of it over the years… those who speak Klingon as their second language definitely make the best romantic partners. According to a survey by Modis IT Staffing, 68 percent of Americans would date a geek. Over 75 percent of people say that geeks are hardworking, 67 percent say geeks are loyal, and 58 percent say they are confident. An added plus? The survey found that 70 percent of those who self-identify as geeks are employed, versus 54 percent of non-geeks.”

  • Esquire: Are we all nerds now?

    “We're all geeks now, but we also understand that geekdom isn't about the specific aspects of culture one obsesses over anymore — be it comics or sci-fi or whatever the jocks consider uncool… A just-released study of more than a thousand adults by Modis, a national IT staffing company, confirmed that people are proud of passions that would have formerly been considered embarrassing, including 87 percent saying they don't ‘sneak their geek’…”

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