Diverse IT services cultivate partnership between Modis, financial client

Client Overview: Credit Card Processing Company serving international clientele

Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL., this company is a leading supplier of credit card processing services to domestic and international financial institutions. Modis has provided numerous consultants with mainframe as well as other needed skills.

The Modis Solution: Providing services in step with client’s development plans

More than 20 years ago, Modis earned an opportunity to deliver a 33-man project team to develop a complete credit card management system using COBOL and CICS for an Atlanta-based bank. The system had three major modules – Card Issue, Merchant Management and Collections.

The consultants who created the software later formed their own company to market it to other banks and credit unions. Since then, the software package has been sold to more than 50 banks and credit unions throughout the world. One of the largest users uses the software to process more than six million accounts. We have continued to serve the firm throughout several mergers and acquisitions.

Modis continues to provide consultants as needed to the firm to continue with the enhancement and implementation of the package. Five of the firm’s top managers are former Modis consultants.

During the years that Modis has supported this client, we have staffed engagements ranging from a single configuration management specialist, to entire project teams consisting of IBM mainframe developers, business analysts and documentation specialists (numbering as high as 50 total consultants). We also have provided consultants with client/server development skills for some smaller engagements.

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