Modis plays integral role in technology updates for mortgage funding client

Client Overview: Federally chartered mortgage funding institution

Chartered by the United States Congress, this institution is stockholder-owned and supports lenders’ efforts to help U.S. citizens secure mortgage funding. The institution has offices in Virginia, New York and Texas.

The Modis Solution: Scaling staffing levels, account management to meet client’s needs

Flush with capital generated by the recent booming real estate market, this began a massive overhaul of its entire information technology operations. Since 1988, Modis has provided consultants in multiple skill sets for the client, including Trading, Loan Servicing, Billing and Risk Analysis, and Investments. Our local branches have kept in step with the client's growing information technology staffing needs, increasing our resources to keep up with the demand. By doing so, we have become the client's top provider of information technology consultants.

At our highest point, Modis had approximately 200 consultants on billing the client in multiple skill sets. All placements are coordinated through a single point of contact and her team of recruiters. Due to our long-term relationship and reputation for sourcing excellent candidates as well as tools such as our Guaranteed Delivery Program, Modis is able to provide the client with the best-qualified candidates in the least amount of time.

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