North Carolina DHHS calls on Modis for critical project support

Client Overview: State of North Carolina

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The Modis Solution: Deliver consultants with expertise to support government projects

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services works to ensure the public health and assist North Carolinians in need of assistance. The Department works in local offices, schools and hospitals throughout the state’s 100 counties.

Modis has staffed different projects within the Department of Health and Human Services since 1996 including development and maintenance to current systems. These projects impact multiple department programs, compliance initiatives and systems including food stamps, child welfare, the Automated Collection and Tracking System to monitor child support, foster care and day care licensing, the Department of Social Services, the Enterprise Program Integrity Control System, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS). Modis also contributed to the networking team that installed and supported the Department’s infrastructure.

Below are descriptions of the recent projects with which Modis has assisted the Department:

  • Modis consultants performed analysis, coded modifications and tested department-requested as well as federally mandated changes to the following systems: central registry, services information system, child welfare, foster care licensing, and day care licensing. Our consultants performed these modifications in a CSP/DB2 online environment with a COBOL II/DB2 batch environment.
  • Modis provided a liaison and subject matter expert for the rewrite effort between the Department and Sterling Software. This consultant also coordinated establishing a test environment, provided technical expertise for the current system and trained developers on CSP and MVS.
  • Modis consultants participated in the child welfare database reengineering while utilizing data normalization rules. These consultants retrofitted the new database design along with code enhancements into the current production system, gathered and analyzed state mandated requirements for integration into the day care licensing system, performed code modifications, coordinated system testing with clients, and supervised the migration to production. The consultants also supported department systems and corrected any production problems which occurred.
  • For the state’s Electronic Benefits Transfer Information System (EBTIS) and EPICS, Modis consultants’ responsibilities include design and coding of programs to interface the Food Stamps Benefit System with the Citibank Banking System. The development of this system allows food stamps to be issued to debit cards. The system is written in COBOL II, DB2, CICS and VSAM. EPICS is a fraud prevention system that supports both the Food Stamps and EIS system.
  • Modis assisted the Department’s Division of Information Resource Management automate the process of collecting child support payments by establishing the ACTS statewide computer system.

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