Modis team shifts North Carolina I-BEAM project into high gear

Client Overview: State of North Carolina

Well known for its history as well as scenic mountain vistas, North Carolina is a state in transition. In recent years, the States’ economy has shifted from an agricultural to a manufacturing base, and key products include textiles and wooden furniture. Charlotte, the states’ largest city, is the United States’ second largest banking center. The State also boasts many highly regarded universities and research centers.

The Modis Solution: Assist I-BEAM project team with architecture, RAD consultants

The North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources is charged with preserving and protecting the states’ well-known natural resources. The Department has offices throughout the state, encourages businesses, farmers and local governments to use responsible environmental practices, and manages initiatives to safeguard air and water quality.

Modis has been instrumental in the development of three major projects for the Department of Environmental Natural Resources since 1998. These projects include BIMS (Basin-wide Information Management System), IMPAQS and I-BEAM.

I-BEAM is the Development framework for the Department of Environmental Natural Resources IT group that supports the divisions with in the agency. I-BEAM’s purpose is to deliver continually evolving services more quickly, less expensively and more consistently than past systems. This allows for rapid application development that focuses on specific needs in the context of automation for the enterprise. Modis has helped in the architecture and RAD of this project.

Modis has a long and successful track record on DENR projects for various divisions inside the department. Other notable engagements include:

  • Modis provided Web development consultants to replace several Division of Water Quality legacy systems with an enterprise-level Web-based system.
  • The Division of Air Quality now uses a Web-based permitting application designed by Modis.

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