Modis supports critical application integration initiative for leading medical and pharmaceutical supplier

Client Overview: Leading provider of supply, information and care management products

This Fortune 16 corporation is the world’s leading supply management and healthcare information technology companies. The company’s solutions empower healthcare professionals with the tools they need to deliver care more effectively and efficiently. The company was founded in 1833, is now one of the largest industrial company in the United States.

The Modis Solution: Provide development expertise for application integration initiative

Modis provided consulting services to support the client’s semantic modeling/ontology project for large application integration initiative. The initial phase consisted of assessing the project and creating a realistic approach to delivering an ontology based on client objectives and requirements. Following the first phase, the team created the ontology which was utilized as the cornerstone for the logical and physical data modelers supporting the overall application architecture and development.

Modis provided development expertise to perform updates to a customer information upload program written in an obsolete version of Perl code to handle the recent changes in customer requirements. Modis created the development documentation and a unit test framework designed to ensure that the next version of the program to perform as expected and validate any future program enhancements.

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