Modis resuscitates conference scheduling application for renowned healthcare provider

Client Overview: Global integrated group health practice

As one of the world’s largest integrated group practices, this group consists of doctors from every medical specialty working together to care for patients. The group consists of thousands physicians, scientists and allied health staff at offices throughout the United States.

The Modis Solution: Use technical, personal expertise to get project back on track

The client’s technical staff was developing a conference room scheduling system in house. The system had been in development for three years, but was still not fully operational or very easy to use. They required development assistance to complete the customized program.

Modis provided a developer with the required technical skills to get the project back on track as well as work with end users to make the application as useful as possible. The developer won high praise from the client’s meeting coordinator for his abilities to take a program with multiple flaws and turn it into a very user-friendly program.

Modis has a successful record of providing consultants to the client for operations throughout the country.

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