On-demand performance testing

Client Overview: An industry-leading provider of electronic health record (EHR) solutions for physicians, hospitals, clinical education and medical services

Performance issues had plagued our client's widely used software product for an extended period of time. In fact, issues had become so burdensome that the client expected a key customer, a healthcare provider system with revenues of more than $2.5 billion, would defect and begin using a competitor's software in less than two months if problems were not quickly and accurately resolved.

The EHR vendor's own test team had run performance tests for the previous eight months with results that were inconsistent with performance issues reported from the field. The development team was frustrated because it knew the software was not working properly, but the team didn't have enough performance testing expertise to ask the right questions to find a solution.

The client had to provide the customer with proof it was moving towards a viable solution, making our involvement so urgent we began project work within three business days of accepting the client engagement.


After initial discussions regarding a potential collaboration, the client chose to engage our quality management team based in our Nashua, New Hampshire testing facility to provide performance test consulting. Because the client was experiencing ongoing issues, we immediately determined the client would benefit from root cause analysis, which would provide us with enough information to develop a strategy to understand why the product was not responding to the current performance tests.

After learning more about the client's situation, we suggested an on-demand service model, which would allow the client to engage and pay for services only as needed for the length of time required to develop a solution. We believed an on-demand strategy would provide more value than if the client hired testing contractors for several months, and the client would be able to re-use our services in the future and enjoy high knowledge retention without paying a retainer.

We began the project by assigning two of our performance testing experts to initiate information gathering. The first step in the process was to assess the current performance testing approach and review the testing team's assumptions.

During the first week of the project, we isolated the two main obstacles that had lessened the effectiveness of the client's internal performance testing and came up with improved testing procedures. First, we demonstrated how to evenly disperse the load over the full length of the test to create a scenario that more accurately reflected how real-world users interacted with the software. Second, we helped the client apply best practices and statistical rigor to the performance analysis to make it more comprehensive and better able to detect problems.


Through our collaboration, the client was able to address performance issues and reassure its key customer that software performance issues were nearing resolution, The overall annual revenue stream for the EHR vendor from this particular customer is estimated in the $2-$3 million range. For the EHR vendor, retaining this customer is also important for maintaining its reputation and share in the marketplace.

To ensure our client would be self-sufficient after Modis disengaged from the project, we educated the IT team on our testing methods to make the team more capable of addressing these types of situations should they reoccur.

Because our testing team's automation and performance test expertise was made available through an on-demand model, we estimate we saved the client approximately 20-25% in costs over a typical IT staffing engagement. An on-demand model also provided flexibility and efficiency to the project, helping us to serve as a true partner with the client.

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