Modis goes all in to support casino reorganization

Client Overview: Largest casino in the World

This company is the largest casino in the World. The facility employees more than 10,000 people. In addition to its casinos, the site boasts a 1,200 room 4-diamond hotel and spa, a 10,000-seat arena, a 42-store shopping mall, and numerous restaurants. All of this growth occurred within the last 10 yea3rs. Its most recent expansion cost over $1.3 billion to complete.

The Modis Solution: Keeping direct hire solutions in step with casino’s explosive growth

The client’s rapid growth caused great strains on its information technology department. Expansion required a department-wide reorganization as well as plans to grow the internal staff by 20 percent during the first year. Additionally, the casino IT department management anticipated 30 percent of their current employees would leave due to the reorganization.

While the casino’s human resources department was overwhelmed with requests for general positions, the IT department needed to explore other options outside of its traditional hiring and promotion methods.

Modis partnered with one of our sister companies to provide both direct hire recruiting services as well as leadership training. Modis also developed a special direct-hire flat rate in exchange for special considerations; for example, the casino gave Modis a one-month exclusive on all full time positions – both new and replacement.

Not only was this special direct hire rate a boon for the casino, but their IT department managers found relying on Modis to provide fully qualified and pre-screened candidates saved them additional time as well. On average, Modis provided three to five qualified candidates for each job order.

Modis has a successful history with the casino, including placing the Director of Computer Services. This relationship and our successful track record filling general IT consulting positions during the last three years gave us a good head-start.

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