Modis upgrades online travel agency’s Web site, maximizes interactivity

Client Overview: Travel and Tourism-focused technology/service companies

This privately held company operates some of the world's foremost wholesale travel and tourism-focused technology/service companies. The company partners with major airlines and administers the travel arrangements on their behalf.

The Modis Solution: Deploy a project team to overhaul company’s Web sites

This client was unable to increase web sales and decrease the need to engage travel agencies for bookings, and their systems did not offer the necessary functionality to the business user.

Modis deployed project team to overhaul their Web sites and develop a new data model. The new data model allows the client more functionality, flexibility, and scalability. Modis assisted Certified with the migration from SAS and Lotus Notes to a SQL-based, web-enabled system. The Silverston Data Model is used as a framework for the model design, utilizing multiple SQL databases and a .Net framework for web enablement.

Modis’ team for the overhaul project included one data architect, two SQL developers, one SQL database administrator, one technical writer, one Unix system administrator/hardware specialist, and one Lotus Notes Developer.

The client predicted that the new system will completely change their business and increase profit by more than 20 percent. Our solution mitigated all risk and reduced cost. In addition, Modis had the resources available to get the job done.

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