Modis team mitigates application support inconsistencies for technology client

Client Overview: Internationally known technology innovator, solutions provider

This company provides leading technology solutions to consumers, businesses, governments and other institutions around the world. The company’s portfolio of services includes IT infrastructure, global services, business and home computing, and imaging and printing.

The Modis Solution: Specialized managed services team provides needed consistency

The client’s Tax, License and Customs IT Department experienced high turnover within their Application Support group. As a result of the turnover, ramp-up time and training issues resulted in additional costs as well as inconsistencies.

Using our managed service approach, Modis provided a production support team developed specially to assist the client’s staff. This team consisted of salaried consultants as well as independent contractors with the required production support analyst programmer skills. We succeeded in providing the control and consistency the department required. In addition, by using a monthly flat rate for the team rather than individual billing, Modis was able to save the client in excess of $115,000 in the first year.

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