Modis testing team speeds client’s hardware, software development

Client Overview: Internationally known technology innovator, solutions provider

This company provides leading technology solutions to consumers, businesses, governments and other institutions around the world. The company’s portfolio of services includes IT infrastructure, global services, business and home computing, and imaging and printing.

The Modis Solution: Deliver project manager, testing team with critical experience

This client’s development of new hardware and software called for testing to integrate the newly developed technology into their existing product line.

The client selected Modis as one of its primary testers for this project. We delivered a team of module integration testers to troubleshoot hardware and software compatibility issues and resolve network connectivity issues in a client/server environment. The team members tested the equipment on the client’s hardware, using Windows, Novell and Linux platforms.

Key to the project’s results was Modis’ ability to find a project manager with the necessary experience testing workstations and desktops as well as the video cards, sound cards, hard drives, modems and other ancillary equipment in the client/server environment.

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