International technology firm’s monitor testing project creates Modis Technology Center

Client Overview: Internationally known technology innovator, solutions provider

This company provides leading technology solutions to consumers, businesses, governments and other institutions around the world. The company’s portfolio of services includes IT infrastructure, global services, business and home computing, and imaging and printing.

The Modis Solution: Testing lab increases monitor quality, video card compliance

This client needed help in effectively testing their line of monitors with the newest video cards. They saw an opportunity for cost savings and process improvement by consolidating responsibilities that were spread across several groups by outsourcing. The client wanted to ensure monitors performed well with all video cards in the market and provide feedback to the video card manufacturers so they could meet the company’s high standards.

The Modis Technology Center in Houston, Texas proposed to test the monitors and developed a Web-based tool to provide real-time feedback to the client’s program managers and monitor manufacturers. This solution streamlined the feedback process and cut down on the need for travel. The Modis Web site also can be easily modified for any new type of test project Modis receives.

Since the engagement started, Modis has been testing 30 to 50 models for the client annually. The client benefited from Modis’ years of testing experience and the Modis quality assurance testing process, which involves the step-by-step verification needed for confidence in the end product.

The client realized significant improvements in the quality of their monitors, a diminished need for post-purchase service calls as well as better compatibility across a wide variety of platforms. In addition to making sure that each monitor met very stringent requirements, Modis worked with a variety of monitor vendors to identify and correct errors and make improvements.

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