Modis optimizes telecom vendor management, increases efficiency

Client Overview: Global telecommunications provider

This global business and residential communications company operates in more than 65 countries. It delivers innovative, cost-effective communications to a variety of clients, including businesses, governments and individuals. The company boasts one of the world’s largest global IP backbones and wholly owned data networks. It continues to be an innovative developer of converged communications products and services that have become integral to today’s commerce and communications market.

The Modis Solution: Primary vendor partnership program ends management strain

The client had an approved list of nearly two dozen vendors to fulfill their information technology staffing needs. However, due to field managers’ lack of knowledge of this list, many hired hundreds more vendors on an as-needed basis. All vendors had separate billing procedures, invoices and bill rates for their consultants. The result was a quagmire of paperwork causing the company to lose time and money.

To alleviate this problem, Modis proposed the Primary Vendor Partnership Program. We became the primary contact for the client’s contracts with non-preferred vendors. Modis is not an exclusive provider, but we do have a substantial portion of the volume of non-preferred vendors.

Client managers still work with the non-preferred vendors of their choice. Modis also created and maintains a vendor-centric Web site that provides details on new company opportunities throughout the world.

Services we provide include:

  • Consolidated invoice
  • Dispute resolution
  • Contract management
  • Discounts administration (volume, payment and tenure)
  • Modis also is responsible for the performance of the non-preferred vendors we provide.

The program gave the client control of their vendor list once again, which allowed them to ensure all vendors met their quality guidelines and billing rates. The number of invoices greatly decreased as well, and as a result, payment time dropped to approximately 30 days.

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