Modis drives projects to assist merger between two major wireless networks

Client Overview: Major wireless communications services provider

This company is one of the largest wireless companies in the United States, with millions subscribers who use their large digital voice and data network. The company is dedicated to providing customers with the finest wireless technology available, and also is listed among the Fortune 100.

The Modis Solution: Providing consultants to facilitate major acquisition

In 2004, this client merged with another key player in the wireless communications industry and began numerous projects to assimilate the two businesses. Modis has managed multiple projects spurred by this merger.

The project developers are responsible for working with one of the client’s key application development teams to deliver the code as defined in the detailed functional specifications for billing conversions. This project migrates the legacy data from the newly acquired partner into the client’s existing application. It also involves developing programs to automate the loading process and work through issues that arise during loading process.

Our consultants worked within client processes and methodologies to complete the project. Deliverables included developing detailed functional specifications meeting business requirements, creating detailed design for components to support migration of the legacy blue data (AFP, .pdf, Image, ASCII documents) into the client’s application, developing components as per design using Perl, Scoop, Korn scripts, Java and other tools and languages as necessary as well as extensive testing.

Other projects Modis consultants assisted this client with include:

Modis provided several quality assurance analysts who had specific experience with UNIX, SQL, Quality Control/Testing Methodology and Cellular billing applications. Tasks for our analysts included executing command-level UNIX and shell scripts with troubleshooting, providing manual testing for specific retail and billing applications and set up unique environments.
The client also awarded Modis a contract to replace other major competitors’ consultants with our own. This project was with the client and a third-party software vendor to deploy a CRM Application to more than 20 call center sites nationally.

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