Utilities Case Studies

Enhanced utility by design

As Utilities depend on the effective use of resources to be successful, so do their IT departments. That’s why Modis offers compelling options for your IT initiatives, including a Guaranteed Delivery Program, rich utilities experience and a business mindset focused on keeping you efficient and effective. Learn more about how we’ve moved IT forward in the utilities sector.

Working in tandem with local, state and federal agencies, utility and energy companies face rigorous government regulations as well as great public scrutiny. Many of these companies must find ways to minimize rate increases in order to allow their customers to maintain their standards of living. Some private utility and energy companies have met this challenge by diversifying their operations with commodity trading divisions.

Modis’ years of experience working with these types of firms as well as government and financial clients perfectly compliments utility and energy company needs. Our IT professionals have the experience working with systems and on projects that affect all three groups. Combining this diverse range of experience with our standard-setting rapid response time allows Modis to deliver the finest IT professionals these clients require.

Our recruiting process can be further tailored to meet particular needs, such as ensuring all candidates have proper Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regulations.

Services and specialties Modis IT professionals provide for our utility and energy clients include:

  • Customized training
  • Helpdesk
  • Infrastructure project management
  • JD Edwards project support
  • SAP upgrade
  • Technical writing


It’s what the right IT partner can do for your business. Because of our extensive experience in the utilities industry, we’ve got what it takes to move your IT initiatives forward, jump start effective implementations and help you drive success on a global stage. See how we’ve fueled competitive advantages for your peers by viewing our case studies.