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The IT industry revolves around technology. Yet, it’s the people within the industry - those with highly technical skills, innovative ideas and a passion for what they do - who help it evolve every day.

Unfortunately, there are not many of these people available. That’s because there is a severe and worsening shortage of IT talent. Corporate Executive Board, a leading advisory and consulting organization, estimates that demand for today’s most in-demand IT roles (information and business architects, for example) will increase by 200 percent. At the same time, those with the skills required for emerging roles such as service architects, cloud integration specialists and U/X specialists barely exist in the talent pool today.

So how can you connect with the qualified IT talent you need in this highly competitive marketplace? By connecting them with the salary and compensation they expect.

The 2014 Modis Salary Guide can help you make these connections a reality.

Deep insight into IT salary figures

Our guide contains the most accurate, detailed and expansive salary data for IT professionals available anywhere. It features compensation figures for thousands of today’s most critical IT positions.

What makes our guide different?

  • More salary insight: Most guides provide you with an average base salary, but that’s not worth much when you are negotiating for your specific business. Our guide contains salary numbers broken out by company size (small, medium and large), base salary (low, high and average) and total cash compensation (low, high and average).
  • The right specs for your area: The IT landscape changes from day to day, but it also changes from state to state and even from city to city. That’s why our guide contains variance calculators for 75 major metro markets throughout the country, allowing you to find the right price for IT talent in your markets.
  • We know where our numbers come from: While other guides use publicly available data and general economic statistics to calculate their salaries, ours is based on our own real, verifiable and accurate hiring activity across our branch networks.

Like the IT industry itself, you need talented tech professionals to help your business evolve. Make sure you are enticing them to work for you, stay with you and grow with you by offering the right salary numbers.

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