Infographic: How Non-Techies Can Find the Right Tech Talent

Finding the right tech talent is tough stuff! With the unemployment rates for professional services logging in at an all-time low since 2007, demand for IT professionals is through the roof! To find the right candidates you need to stay focused, seek professional help and leverage the best attributes of your company as a selling point.

To get your team the in-demand skillsets needed there are a few things that will help position your organization to snag the best candidates. Top tips include:

  • Consulting with IT industry experts
  • Researching job descriptions
  • Asking your own network for referrals
  • Visiting top colleges and well-known regional hackathons
  • Working with an IT staffing agency

Learn how to best position your company for success by taking a look at our infographic below. After you review our suggestions, request a free copy of the Modis 2016 Salary Guide, which features the most accurate salary numbers and job descriptions for tech.

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Infographic: How Non-Techies Can Find the Right Tech Talent

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