Infographic: The State of the Tech Job Market

Tech trends are constantly shifting. To accommodate this change, IT hiring managers need to keep an eye on current trends and the employment landscape. To assist with this need, Modis surveyed 500 IT decision makers responsible for hiring within their organization and then collected the data in this infographic. To find out more, check out the survey findings and be sure to visit our press room.

Key focus areas for the survey included salary, rehiring policies, benefits, diversity challenges, future technologies and high tech hotspots. Some of the most interesting findings include:

  • Most tech workers are more concerned with total compensation than company stability
  • The most prized benefit are flex hours
  • Soft skills present the biggest hiring challenge
  • Age is the biggest challenge to diversity
  • AI/Artificial Intelligence will likely have the biggest tech impact in coming years

Learn about these stats and more by reading the rest of our infographic. For questions about hiring your own tech talent please don't hesitate to contact us or request our 2017 Salary Guide.

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