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In the sports world, there is a big difference between being competitive and being a winner. Great individual performers and occasional flashes of strategy aren’t enough to bring home the trophy and achieve the ultimate goal - a championship. Instead, winning requires the right team as well as the right coaching and management philosophy. And it’s no different in the business world.

In our new white paper, we take a page out of the playbooks of some of the best athletic and business organizations to give you a step-by-step guide to putting winners in your IT workforce and adopting a winning approach to managing them.

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As a business or IT leader, you are a coach, manager, scout and star player for your team. But while each of your roles is important, it’s critical that you put the right people in the right roles surrounding you to ensure the ultimate success of your IT team and your business.

Reading our new white paper can help you do just that. This insightful thought leadership piece explores the following:

  • The benefits of teamwork: One of the easiest ways to enhance your organization is to establish a culture of collaboration and camaraderie. Find out how teamwork can pay off in terms of employee morale, retention and profitability.
  • Getting the right players on your team: You need to find people who can fill out your roster and create a successful mix of employees. We break down the nine types of employees that are essential to have.
  • Medal-worthy management strategies: We provide four proven and easy-to-implement suggestions you can use to make sure everyone on your team lives up to their potential.

Go for the Gold: Hire Olympic and Paralympic athletes and hopefuls
If you are looking to round out your team, consider looking for successful athletes. They bring a lot more than technical skills to the office, including an intense focus, uncanny ability to motivate others and the capability to thrive under pressure.

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