Moving Away From Outsourcing: IT Department Trends

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Forecasts show an expected 22 percent rise in IT employment by 2020. That means the competition for IT talent will intensify in the very near future. But a proven method of the past, IT outsourcing, won’t prove effective for overcoming the looming IT talent shortage.

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Why do companies outsource?

The e-business boom of the early 21st century saw many companies install computerized systems and modernize their operations. Complex projects, such as ERP installations and marketing automation system implementations, required hard-to-find professionals with specific sets of skills – many of whom charged a premium for their expertise.

Thus, U.S. companies turned to offshore outsourcers to take advantage of a wider pool of talent and cheaper labor rates. However, in recent years, these benefits of outsourcing have begun to erode. Today, for many companies, the disadvantages of IT outsourcing far outweigh the advantages.

Uncover the disadvantages of outsourcing.

Demand for IT outsourcing in traditional outsourcing hotspots such as India has begun to taper off, and some economists predict that the outsourcing model will collapse entirely in the years ahead. That’s because outsourcing, which was designed to be a solution to staffing challenges, is creating challenges of its own. For example, outsourcing IT functions carries tremendous business risks; projects can take too long to complete, costs are rising, and there is little to no control over data security.

Uncover more disadvantages of outsourcing with our free white paper.

Bringing IT back in-house versus outsourcing.

Outsourcing trends and statistics indicate that many companies are bringing IT functions back in house, or “insourcing.” However, they are still being plagued by a lack of qualified IT talent in the job market. In our new white paper, we provide proven best practices you can use to steer clear of the disadvantages of outsourcing, overcome the IT talent shortage and build a winning IT team in your organization.

If you are currently weighing the pros and cons of outsourcing, or if you are already working with an IT outsourcing partner, this insightful resource can help you make the right choice for your business’ future.