Guaranteed Delivery Program

Exceptional connections. Guaranteed.

At Modis, we do more than make claims. We make guarantees. Here’s how our Guaranteed Delivery Program works:

  • We meet with you to specify resources required, skill sets, work environment and project details.
  • We agree on mutually acceptable terms.
  • We supply rigorously vetted, highly qualified talent appropriate for the position.
  • You evaluate the resource for 40 full hours. If you’re not completely satisfied, you pay nothing and it’s our responsibility to find an alternate candidate that meets your expectations.

It’s that simple - we guarantee your complete satisfaction in 40 hours or you pay nothing. Your risk is eliminated. Your productivity soars. And your results are realized. That’s our promise and we stand behind your success all the way.

For more information on our Guaranteed Delivery Program, contact your local Modis office today or discover our other IT & Engineering Staffing, Consulting and Recruitment services.