Actuate Jobs

An Actuate business intelligence position entails working with the Actuate line of products. A candidate will analyze data accumulated by Actuate applications and convert the information into a reporting tool capable of dealing with any size project. The position will accumulate and study data warehouse information and implement the appropriate operational changes needed.

Actuate allows the business intelligence worker to report information within a single department or across the entire companies spectrum. Individuals will need to assemble reports on different platforms and occasionally deliver presentations regarding findings. The person should understand a company’s general organizational structure and work towards cost-effective solutions. Actuate will help the individual with authoring, deploying and delivering information and infrastructure improvements in a variety of environments.

Individuals in this position may also be required to assist in the educational needs of co-workers or other users as the need arises. Actuate business intelligence workers will need to access risk factors associated with the database infrastructure as well as leverage dashboards and analytics and knowledgeably plan for necessary adjustments.

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