XML Jobs

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is used for creating special-purpose markup languages, which are able to describe various sorts of data. XML files can both describe and store data. As a programming tool, XML has become popular with developers and plays a growing role in the exchange of a large array of data on the Web.

The responsibilities of an XML developer include designing, developing and maintaining user interface using HTML, XML, DHTML and scripting languages JavaScript. XML developers must continue to be proficient in current software development technologies. XML programmers must have an understanding of browser technologies and XML standards set by the W3C. Furthermore, developers must learn new techniques and technology environments as needed. Other essential skills an XML programmer must possess include working well within teams, and strong written and verbal communication skills.

Typical qualifications required for a XML Developer job include:

  • Technical degree or certification in related area
  • Experience developing user interface using HTML, DHTML, XML, XLS and JavaScript
  • Communicate concepts and ideas effectively
  • Logical and analytical thought process to problem solving
  • Understanding of software lifecycles

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