SAP Jobs

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the term for an integrated platform of information that combines aspects of business which would formerly have been handled separately, by separate software applications. SAP AG derived its name from Systems, Applications and Products in data processing (SAP), and is a specific set of products applied to accomplish ERP. SAP Business Suite is the industry leading software for this purpose. Individuals skilled in the application of SAP can coordinate everything from purchasing and material flow, human resources and talent management, management of inventory, cash flow, accounting and payroll, compliance requirements, leading finally to accurate analysis of the entire business. SAP is often developed and overseen by a manager, with supporting staff such as Data, Validation, and Reporting Analysts working under the ERP Manager.

Minimum requirements usually include a degree in Computer Information Systems, Computer Science or related fields. Support positions may require specialized knowledge, e.g. international regulations for compliance modules. Managers will need experience well beyond basic education– often 6-10 years, and SAP Certification.

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