EDI Jobs

EDI is the computer-to-computer exchange of business data in standard formats. In EDI, information is organized according to a specified format set by both parties, allowing an automated computer transaction that requires no human intervention or rekeying on either end. Common products that specialize in EDI include Gentran, RosettaNet, Mercator, DataStageTX, WebSphereTX, etc.). EDI is used in a wide range of industries including finance and accounting, healthcare, transportation and engineering and construction.

EDI jobs include analysts, technical support and developers. Candidates for these positions must demonstrate a knowledge or understanding of how to implement and tune different EDI products and services. They are often required to develop hooks and handles between a company’s ERP software and various EDI products, and must be able to perform various types of implementation and support or any additional software development that needs to take place and subsequently be supported.

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