Telecom Jobs

Voice over IP, or VOIP, is one of the fastest growing IT sectors. By extending the IP network to include high bandwidth applications such as telephone, unified communications, and teleconferencing, companies are creating a perfect storm of opportunities for people with experience with high-end network technologies, network quality of service (QOS) and VOIP.

One of the best places to start in regards to VOIP jobs is with a Cisco certification and on-the-job experience. Products such as Call Manager take Cisco networking experience to the next level. Other great areas of specialization are VPN access, and traditional and MPLS networking. A great new growth area is being formed around the Cisco Telepresence product which allows business people to meet with sophisticated cameras and networking so that a teleconference feels just like being in the same room.

Cisco, is not the only vendor in the market. Microsoft Unified Communications solutions are also hot, in addition to Nortel, and other midsize and even smaller vendors. There are companies of all sizes and at every footprint in this market, including the home user vertical.

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