Linux Jobs

A Linux system administrator is responsible for maintaining the continued operational status of the Linux-based computers or networks. In some organizations, Linux powers the company’s web and file servers. As part of the information technology department, Linux system administrators work closely with many different elements within the department. Duties include making adjustments on every level of the operating system and controlling the day-to-day functions of the entire network. Individuals should be able to install updates and entire systems, as well as control backup information and logistical support information. Servers that function off of Linux-based operating systems will be within their jurisdiction. As such the person needs to analyze and report on various features that can be updated, tweaked or suspended. They should be versed in project management systems and network infrastructure. Teamwork and organization is essential to the success of the candidate and the position. They should maintain a professional work ethic and administer proper feedback to situations. The person may also be called up to present reports to individuals or groups when necessary.

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