Solaris Jobs

Individuals who work with a company and maintain and continue the operation of a Solaris-based system are known as Solaris system administrators. Candidates for this position must be familiar with the workings of a standard IT department and learn to work closely with other people on the functionality of the Solaris system. The individual will need to make adjustments to the various levels of the operating system as well as control daily operational needs, deploying changes to the network when needed. The person should be able to handle the installation of updates and system modification programs and make sure the important data and logistical information is properly backed up and that those back ups are tested regularly. They should maintain good organizational skills and work well in a team. They will also need to present a professional appearance and a strong work ethic. Solaris-based servers should be a familiar concept for the individual and they should generally have a certification to maintain this type of network. Candidates may also be required to process and occasionally present reports and studies to various bodies regarding the updates and stability of the Solaris system.

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