WebSphere Jobs

The IBM Websphere Administrator is responsible for all aspects of the Websphere Application server including installation, configuration, and day-to-day management. The Websphere Administrator also works closely with the Application developers to support web sites, portals, or applications hosted on the server.

There are a number of different versions and types of Websphere server, including Websphere Portal server, and Websphere Application server. Web Administrators specializing in Websphere should also have strong experience in Apache Webserver/IBM HTTPServer as well as an understanding of DNS management for creating virtual servers for sites and applications based in Websphere. For installation and management of Websphere the Administrator will need to be expert in the operating system each specific job is using, be it Windows or Unix. Unix command prompt and scripting skills are important, even for Administrators of Websphere on Windows platforms, as configuring these products is heavily based on scripting as opposed to graphical user interfaces.

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