Free engineering courses from prominent schools nationwide

Did you know that many of the most advanced and respected engineering institutions offer free engineering courses online to interested students? While it's a good idea to lock in your graduate work, it's great to know that schools from MIT to Carnegie Mellon, and companies like HP are offering their courses to the public for the betterment of the engineering field.

Add to your skill set.

Given today’s competitive job market, it's more important than ever for professionals to have an arsenal of current and diverse skills. Employers are closely watching their human resources expenses and they are looking to hire strong, multitalented employees. Today's ideal engineering candidate is a well-rounded professional who understands the intricate science details behind a project, but can also manage a team, show leadership, and keep an eye on the big picture for the business.

The easiest way to build your profile as a candidate is to dedicate yourself to continuous learning. And, on the web, there are countless opportunities to build your knowledge and understanding as you explore new areas in the field. Best of all, you can do it for free!

MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT's system, OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a web-based publication of virtually all MIT course content. OCW is open and available to anyone for free and it includes almost all the undergrad and grad topics taught at MIT. By successfully completing a course through OCW, you can't promote yourself as an MIT graduate. OCW is not an MIT education, nor does it grant degrees or access to MIT faculty. However, by being able to access these courses online, you benefit from MIT's willingness to share their knowledge and fuel interest and development in science and engineering. Click here for more information.

HP Learning Center

HP Learning Center classes include lessons on a variety of topics – from software to graphic arts to business skills. You can review all the lessons at your own pace and at any time of day. Sometimes, active class sessions are conducted, during which students can communicate with the instructor and other students. The homepage lists many of the classes with active sessions in which you can enroll. Click here for more information.

Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative

Open Learning Initiative (OLI) offers accessible online learning opportunities. OLI grew out of collaboration among scientists and Carnegie Mellon faculty to enhance education for all. Their objective was to build a community that could learn and contribute to constantly improve courses and opportunities. Click here for more information.

What does that mean for you? All the information sharing you could ever want. The site features courses in engineering, statistics, biology, chemistry, economics, logic, physics and more!

Stanford Engineering Everywhere

Stanford University offers some of its most popular engineering classes for free online to students and educators. All courses include syllabi, handouts, homework and exams, just like real, traditional classes. Plus, you can network with other students in the program through active social media groups. Click here for more information.

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