Candidate Testimonials

I have been really impressed with the staff and the overall operation at Modis.  My recruiter and the rest of the Modis recruiting team have stood out from the many other agencies that I have spoken with as a more responsive and professional team.  I have always received an answer back to any question within a day or two, and everyone has always been very knowledgeable.  It also really shows that Modis cares about its associates not just as commodities but as people.  If I have any friends looking for contract positions or placement agency contacts I will definitely be referring them to Modis!

Michelle W.,
Software QA, San Diego, CA

I like Modis as a company because the people working there are diligent in their efforts to find people jobs like they did for me. Not only did they find me a job, they went totally out of their way to get me the best possible rate. Modis really keeps me up-to-date on current leads and the like giving me piece of mind knowing that I could land something fairly quickly. My recruiter is really an awesome person. He’s a joy to work with and even treats me to lunch. I would recommend Modis as a recruiting source for anyone in the job search.

David Whitten,
.Net Developer, San Diego, CA

I couldn't be more pleased with the service, responsiveness and quality I received from everyone at Modis.  The talented staff quickly responds to my many questions, requests and minor concerns.  I'm not the type to give testimonials, but I truly have profited from their services and will happily refer friends to them.

Application Developer,
San Diego, CA

Many thanks to Modis for helping me “in the door” with my current employer.  It is truly a unique company and I genuinely enjoy the work environment here.  I also want to say how much I appreciate the simplicity of working with Modis.  I never had any difficulties.  When I needed assistance there was always a helpful voice on the other end of the phone and everyone I met was always pleasant, helpful and kept the goal in clear focus.  Now I am starting the next phase of my career here - thanks very much to Modis for your help and support.

Gary Orr,
Document Tester, Raleigh, NC

I have enjoyed working with Modis in general, and with my recruiter in particular.  In the current job hunting climate, when recruiters are generally only interested in their relationships with their company clients, my Modis recruiter has gone out of her way to be personable and professional in all her dealings with me.  I really appreciate the time and energy she has spent in helping me prepare for interviews, and the excellent feedback she has shared when asked.  She has given me confidence that there is a good position out there for me.  I would recommend Modis to any technical professional who is in the market today.

Hong Burt
Software QA Engineer, San Jose, CA

Modis has always been great at taking care of their consultants. When I first started consulting, I was kind of nervous about the process but I was very glad that I went with Modis. They made me feel very comfortable and assisted me throughout my contract with the client. Modis makes you feel like you are working with your family!

Karen Baker,
IT Consultant, Atlanta, GA

I found the personal attention and genuine concern for finding the right fit for my skill set and work requirements was key to distinguishing Modis as my recruitment provider of choice.

Kim Foster,
Test Engineer, Denver CO

I want to thank Modis and my recruiter in particular for his efforts in matching me with an organization and situation that fits me better than any position I have worked previously.  Modis was diligent in understanding my background and capabilities and was able to translate that into a completely new position at a growing software solutions company.  My recruiter was able to see the value of addressing some of the company’s underlying requirements with my qualifications and communicating those in a very productive manner.  As a result of this, I, and the company I represent, have already been in touch with them concerning more new hires.

Scott Fowler,
Director of Implementation and Training
SmartLinx Solutions, Inc. – Columbia, SC

As a new consultant for Modis in San Antonio, Texas, I was assigned to a software development project for a commercial enterprise.  I work with consultants from other staffing companies, and I must admit that Modis is far superior to these companies in every aspect.  While every company talks about excellent service, the local Modis staff actually delivers on the promise. They continually demonstrate this commitment to not only the client, but also to their consultants.  The Modis staff is highly regarded by the client for many reasons, not the least of which is their ability to clearly understand the client needs and provide appropriately skilled professionals in quick response to emerging or changing requirements.  They continually engage with the client to ensure satisfaction, and the client appreciates their level of dedication and commitment to excellence. With many companies to consider, the client always suggests Modis first, and this reputation fosters a great working environment and client relationship that truly benefits its consultants.

In my personal experience, Modis is a level above other staffing companies.  Rather than mail my first few paychecks, the San Antonio staff chose to personally deliver them to me to ensure there were no delays. Every time I’ve had a question or concern of any kind, they have been extremely responsive.  The Modis staff is very professional and takes their responsibility to their consultants seriously. They stay in constant contact with us, and demonstrate concern on both a professional and personal level.  In speaking with other consultants about how Modis treats us and supports us, I’m constantly reminded that Modis truly is superior to these other staffing companies in every way.

Michael Dittmer,
Software Developer, San Antonio, TX

Since assuming the site lead responsibilities at USAMITC for GoldBelt Raven I have come to rely on Modis as a trusted partner in our effort to staff our growing service desk.  Modis has been able to find for us not just qualified individuals but qualified individuals who will be a perfect fit for our team.  Thank You Modis.

Louana C. Tyson,
Enterprise Services Monitor/Site Lead
Enterprise Service Desk – San Antonio, TX

After the company I was contracting through for 18 years was unable to provide enough work, I was on the job market again. Within a week of talking to many potential employers and consulting brokers, I was offered an opportunity by Modis. The first conversation I had with Modis lasted 25 minutes and explored my abilities, preferences, and pay requirements in detail. The first work opportunity presented was not a perfect fit for me but Modis worked with me and the customer and they hired me after 2 interviews involving 5 interviewers, and assigned me to do multiple roles. Since that job completed Modis has provided me with another job and the customer is very satisfied with the quality and pace of work being done. For me the benefits, pay, oversight and follow-up by Modis have been excellent and completely satisfactory. Modis makes their first priority keeping me working for good pay, and making sure the customer is happy (which is also my priority). All my teamwork with Modis has been professional, competent, timely and complete. 

I am recommending Modis to my professional associates and I remain very satisfied with their support for my career and look forward to a long and mutually satisfying relationship.

Richard Parke,
Senior Java Developer, San Antonio, TX

“I worked with a Modis Engineering recruiter when I was looking for a job. He was passionate and had strong interpersonal and convincing skills. Another great quality I found in my recruiter is that he can be easily reached. I really appreciate him for finding me a great fit.”

“Modis has provided me a great opportunity to do what I love while providing a work schedule that fits great with my lifestyle and family. I highly recommend Modis to anyone out there who is looking for that special job and an agency that will help them find it”

“The things I love about Modis Engineering are that Modis has provided me opportunity to grow as a manager, develop new skill, meet new people, and face new challenges, all in an exciting, vibrant work environment. It has been particularly rewarding on a personal level to be able to provide the same opportunities to my staff of approximately 100 associates, of which many have moved on to other more highly technical positions within Modis at Hewlett-Packard. There is always a potential for growth and development at Modis no matter what the position!”

“Working for Modis has been a great experience, offering: challenging work, growth opportunities, and flexibility. While pursuing a "permanent" position is sometimes the goal of many people when working through an agency, I have found that the expectation of 50+ hour weeks (for no additional compensation) when in a salaried full time position, is a trade-off I am not willing to make. In addition, I have seen, that many contract jobs can be as stable or secure as a so called regular full time position.”

“Working for Modis has provided me a wealth of opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally. In addition to being exposed to cutting-edge technology, I appreciate the opportunity to work with Modis’s industry-leading customers. This has enabled me to continue to hone my skill set within the technology sector.”

“As a longtime member of the workforce it is exciting for me to see the next generation of workers have the opportunities that Modis offers. Our Modis group is assigned to a large client site where there is constant exposure to new technologies, training opportunities and advancement. Our Modis groups play key roles in the development of new products for our client. The products will always be sold with the clients label but it is very rewarding to know Modis teams had important roles in the product development.”

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