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Connect to IT Jobs in Kansas City, KS

Littler, a global provider of employment and labor law solutions, is working exclusively with Modis to fill a wide range of IT positions in Kansas City.

Littler’s decision to move its Global Services Center to Kansas City means a rush of new IT job opportunities for the city. So, if you’re a technology professional ready to explore new career opportunities at an innovative law firm, see what Littler and the celebrated city of “K.C.” have to offer.

Littler Plugs into Modis’ Tech Network

Littler has formed an exclusive partnership with Modis to hire IT professionals in Kansas City. Our experience, innovation and vast network of tech talent will ensure Littler assembles a talented IT staff that fits their business needs and culture. We’ll work closely with Littler’s leadership team and hiring managers to identify the best IT talent—which might be you.

About Littler

Littler, founded in 1942, is the world’s largest labor and employment law firm devoted to employment and labor law. With over 1,000 attorneys and 60 offices spanning the globe, Littler has litigated and mediated some of the most historical employment cases and labor contracts on record.

Beyond legal services, Littler takes pride on being a great place for employees to work and grow. The company is especially proud of its diversity—the firm’s workforce is 60% women and 26% persons of color and has received extensive industry recognition for its diverse and inclusive workforce. Littler also understands the importance of social responsibility and giving back to the community, and many within the firm serve the local communities in which they work and live. Finally, Littler is excited to expand its presence in Kansas City and looks forward to building its Global Services Center to encompass the talents of the local workforce and spirit of the region while maintaining the firm’s core values and principles.

About Littler’s New Global Services Center Home – Kansas City

Littler chose to relocate its Global Services Center to the City of Fountains for a number of reasons. Among them is the city’s central time zone location and its Midwest location is close to equal distance from both coasts. Also, Kansas City has a more than reasonable cost of living.  In fact, according to Forbes, it’s 3.1% below the national average. The city also fosters an environment that supports the business and tech sectors. Kansas City ranked first among large metro areas in the increase of high-tech startup density from 1990-2010, and was chosen to be the first city to receive Google Fiber.  The city recently created LaunchKC to lure more startup tech companies to the region.

With a metro area of over two million people, Kansas City also provides a host of entertainment options. If sports are your preference, you have the NFL’s Chiefs and the MLB’s Royals. And if you enjoy dining, you have plenty of local cuisine to choose from, including the famous steak and barbecue. If you’re a fan of art, the city has over 200 unique fountains and the annual Kansas City Renaissance Festival. The city’s eclectic districts and neighborhoods also provide a variety of architecture, historical landmarks, museums and more.