The community is more than a place to do business.

We’re proud of the role we play in helping people find jobs and businesses succeed. We really believe that what we do makes a difference. But, we take it one step further – by stepping outside the office to help our communities.

Our two largest community initiatives are the Win4Youth program and the High Five program:


Modis is a major participant in the Win4Youth program, which has helped raise thousands of dollars to fund opportunities for young people and their families in need. Both our colleagues and our clients are encouraged to participate and log kilometers by biking, running or swimming. These kilometers become donations that help people across the world who struggle to find work because of their age, background, disability or other factors. Learn more by visiting www.win4youth.com.

The Modis High Five program

The High Five program is a company-sponsored volunteer initiative designed to help our employees participate in a hands-on, action-oriented annual service project of their choice in their communities. To participate, Managing Directors select a local volunteer opportunity. The entire branch is given the day to participate in the opportunity without using time off. More than 50 Modis High Five events will be taking place in 2017 alone.