Power Distribution Design Center

Nürnberg, Germany

Onsite expertise

Electric Execution Planning
  • On-site power AC/DC
  • Battery systems including charging units, DC-DC converter
  • Transformer ventilation
  • Auxiliary current feed-in
  • Control cabinets + safety cabinets
  • Control of every outgoing and incoming feeder
  • Transformer protection + line protection

Preparation of circuit documents

  • Cable occupation lists
  • Construction diagrams
  • On-site testing and approval of cabinets
  • Circuit diagrams, terminal diagrams, cable lists, table of contents, parts lists


  • Supervision & project management
  • Documentation

Technologies deployed

  • Projecting, planning and the creation of circuit diagrams
  • ePLAN P8
  • ePLAN 5.70
  • Sigraph-CAE V8
  • Sigraph-ET 5.60
  • RUPLAN 4.50 – 4.7.2 standard
  • RUPLAN 4.50 – 4.7.2 with EVU module, QS module
  • ecscad
  • Elcad 5.x, 7.x
  • Engineering Base Power / EVU / Cable
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