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Smart thinking to unlock insight and enable decision making, creating clarity, capability, and the confidence to act.​ Modis Management Consulting (MMC) bring clarity and alignment to help obtain the business results you want. Results characterised by a clear strategy and high performance. Results that enable you to become a ‘lighthouse’ organisation.

Achieving your vision in the face of market disruption and changing customer expectations.

We work with our clients using our empathy-led method to develop business strategy that outlines the plan of action to achieve their vision and solve business problems. We understand that supporting our clients to rapidly innovate in this fast-paced world is critical to business performance and adaptability to market disruptions.

Our strategy development combines design thinking, data driven market and customer research, our understanding of technology and data, and our real-world experience with an empathetic understanding of the goals, ambition and challenges inherent in your organisation.

This blend of strategic and technology acumen enables MMC to innovate and co-design with you the most appropriate strategy and culture to meet your organisational objectives.

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Translating your strategic intent into clear operational capabilities.

Informed by extensive industry experience in collaborating with our clients, our operating models to address our clients' challenges and help accelerate towards strategic goals.

Traditional, static operating models become redundant as soon as they are implemented due to the pace of change in modern businesses, who face:

  1. Fast-changing customer expectations – clients don’t just expect more, and expectations change quickly.
  2. Continuous evolution – organisations must adapt whilst facing challenges around talent sourcing, continuous capability development and flexibility.
  3. Exponential rate of technology change - organisations must embrace technology for agility and scalability, to grow revenue, improve customer experience, or help redirect staff to higher value activities.

Our ‘Smart’ Operating Models are characterised by self-adjusting teams that embody an agile, customer-centric mindset. These focus on continuous innovation using agile capabilities, organisation, processes, data and technologies to enable the business to continually adapt to achieve its strategic ambitions.

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Facilitating decisions on direction, options and allocation of scarce resources.

Our Decision Conferences deliver clear, smart thinking with ‘best bet’ outcomes amidst uncertainty, resulting in a clear path forward. They are designed for a group of decision-makers who must choose between competing options or who are stuck on a ‘go / no go’ decision. Typical applications include Strategy Development, Investment Decisions, Prioritisation or Resource Allocation decisions – in fact any choice between options where you need agreement and a roadmap on the way forward.

A unique feature is co-creation of a digital model of the decision, incorporating data and participants' judgements via real-time mobile voting. Our facilitators run the process, enabling participants to provide the subject matter expertise.

The process enhances engagement and reduces decision bias, resulting in enhanced Decision Quality and greater buy-in on the final agreed outcome - and thus a commitment to action. We make explicit the assumptions that underpin choices made via less robust approaches, which enhances outcome objectivity and ensures a clear audit trail - a strong governance value add.

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Holistic risk-based decision-making to protect value and achieve goals.

Risk is a part of every enterprise’s daily operation. Risk comes in different forms and can cause varying degrees of disruption and damage – or alternatively, return varying rates of business value.

With the ultimate goal of improving decision-making and performance – both to protect and optimise business assets and goals – we help organisations achieve a holistic risk perspective, reviewing and right-sizing their risk appetite against their unique risk profile.

Our structured approach and Integrated Risk Management Model (IRMM©) brings rapid value, underpinned by a comprehensive set of principles, components, elements, tools, controls and actions that are tested and industry aligned. It assists client organisations in the management of governance, risk and compliance requirements by leveraging a holistic, enterprise-level risk management approach as opposed to a ‘siloed’ or reactive approach. We integrate the intertwined strategic, operational and digital domains of risk management, approaching them as a continuum that extends across the enterprise.

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Enabling organisations to lead change and embrace new ways of working.

The pace of change and complexity of modern initiatives makes putting the best-laid strategies and plans into effect challenging. A lack of clarity and constantly changing agendas can lead to mistrust and teams and individuals focussing on their own interests.

Using best of breed models and strategic thinking, Modis Management Consulting works closely with our senior clients so they can help their people shift the way they think, behave and act. We partner with our clients to guide them on how to create an environment and that will enable their people to embrace new ways of working, transitioning through the various emotional responses, behaviours and actions they feel

Our partnership approach helps organisations lead change, resulting in them becoming resilient, self-managing organisations capable of successfully embracing change into the future and - most importantly - supporting them to lead the change themselves.

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Robust design thinking to conceptualise brand new products, processes and ideas.

In the world of business, there are many different types of innovation that an organisation might pursue. These embrace but can extend beyond technology – into process and business model change. In Modis Management Consulting, we see technology as an enabler of innovation, identified once the problem has been accurately framed and solution options ideated.

The ideas and innovations we seek are not just for radical technological breakthroughs that transform business service delivery, but truly disruptive changes technology and/or business model shifts that disrupt markets and create new customer value propositions.

Critically, we spend time ‘walking in our client’s shoes’ to collaboratively get to the heart of the issue and identify their real needs. Via a series of structured workshops, we utilise design thinking methods to deliver ideation and innovation, leaning on Modis’s extensive and wide-ranging technology expertise to bring ideas to life in rapid prototypes.

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Re-imagining your business using contemporary digital technologies and data.

Our approach combines our strategy acumen and digital expertise to co-create digital transformations and support their successful delivery.

We use Modis Management Consulting’s ‘Lighthouse’© Digital Transformation Framework as a blueprint that guides our clients to successfully achieve their strategic goals when undertaking a digital transformation. It outlines the overlapping considerations in reimagining the business, understanding that no facet of the organisation is untouched by a digital transformation and acknowledging that the selection of technology and the cultural changes required are equally important.

Our technology strength and operating model expertise - coupled with our empathetic change leadership style - empowers our clients to accelerate their digital transformation and positions them to keep transforming long after a Modis Management Consulting engagement ends.

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Business-critical decision making requires judgement in the face of uncertainty, conflicting information, competing priorities and overwhelming complexity.

Drawing on deep smarts in strategy and leadership, decision making, risk management, stakeholder engagement and high-performance teams, we ensure your team is on the same page, inspired by a common purpose, with a clear map to the future, a means of knowing whether you’re on track and ready to execute with confidence.

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Whether you’re looking to design and drive a large-scale business or digital transformation, lead a major program of work, shift to more agile ways of operating, or just need assistance with running key technology related projects and plotting an effective pathway through change, we bring expertise and evidenced based frameworks and capability to get you there.

We help you transform for sustainability and innovate to shape your future. Our team can support you to lead effectively, engage your people, customers, and stakeholders. We work with you to make sense of complexity, ensuring you have the right structures, talent, systems, and governance in place to transform your business for the fast- paced and ever evolving digital world.

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