AWS Cloud with Modis

Security, compliance, fault tolerance, automation and cost effectiveness

Modis Australia is an Advanced Tier consulting partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS), bringing our history of customer domain knowledge to bear with the world’s largest global public cloud service provider.

Our attention to security, compliance, fault tolerance, automation and cost effectiveness means you can trust Modis as your experts in implementing your AWS Cloud workloads.

Modis understand that data and analytics is more than just data science. We've been on the complete analytics journey, and not just the delivery of data science outcomes.

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Connecting your Virtual Private Cloud Environment(s) to your existing corporate network topology takes capability and understanding.

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Using infrastructure, tools and techniques provided by AWS – Modis has successfully transformed the delivery process for numerous clients. Discover how Modis can help you to reduce risk, improve security and rapidly deliver value to your business with AWS Cloud.

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Modis offers a managed services approach by two approaches: with our staff physically embedded within the customer environment, or centrally from the Modis Service Centre.

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Modis has significant experience in migrating legacy Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software for x86 architectures and deploying them in the AWS Cloud.

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Modis has a long and rich history of enterprise application development.

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We've worked extensively with government agencies in migrating their core operations to the AWS Cloud.

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Our team are experts in designing, reviewing and tuning security at different layers of the technology stack.

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Local storage is limited, costly, and requires maintenance.

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What we've been doing with AWS

  • Application Migration to the Cloud
  • Application Modernisation with the Cloud
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Storage
  • Managed Services
  • Public Sector Workloads

Central to this is an orchestrated and secure approach to enterprise AWS Cloud adoption. We work closely with your team to help them with the journey to cloud, leveraging auditing, logging, and visibility of operations.

AWS experience

Modis Australia has a staff of some of the most experienced AWS engineers in the world. Our experienced team carry a wide range of AWS certificates, and have many years of advanced deployments on AWS.

Our focus is on agility, security, and repeatability: we're big believers in templating, and by using AWS CloudFormation another other tools, we manage lifecycle changes to the stack with updates over time.

Our AWS clients

Modis Australia - AWS Clients
Find out how Modis can provide you with innovative AWS cloud based solutions and servicesModis has been an AWS Advanced Tier Partner since 2014. Modis' AWS Cloud Consulting services encompasses fundamentals of cyber security, fault tolerant digital system architecture, modernisation, traditional virtual machine or through to modern Serverless approaches, commercial off-the-shelf software operation to bespoke software development, delivered with high throughput, repeatable DevOps approaches to operations. With over half a decade of running critical authoritative government data sets that affects the lives of millions of citizens and the economies of the state, Modis has one of the most mature, experienced and recognised consulting service providers in the world. More importantly, we like to work very closely with our customers, not providing something to purchase, but taking a deep understanding of their business, and providing the recommendations and implementations to ensure a modern, efficient, reliable and secure environment for digital business systems.Contact us
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