Engaging your delivery teams and delighting your clients requires continual improvement and experimentation.

Modis has successfully transformed the software delivery process for a number of clients, using infrastructure, tools and techniques provided by AWS to deliver value more quickly, with reduced risk and improved security.

Modis can work with your delivery team by providing the experience, framework, methods and tools to enable a DevOps culture and become a “high-performing” team. A high-performing team not only delivers benefit to your client or business but improves their employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). This has significant benefits to your organisation.

The technical practices of flow, feedback and continual learning & experimentation combine to form the principles from which all of the observed DevOps behaviours can be derived. Modis understands these and what’s required to Plan, Code, Build, Test, Release, Deploy, Operate and Monitor your delivery lifecycle.

Drive continual improvement within your organisation with Modis and AWS.

Find out how Modis can provide you with innovative AWS cloud based solutions and servicesModis has been an AWS Advanced Tier Partner since 2014. Modis' AWS Cloud Consulting services encompasses fundamentals of cyber security, fault tolerant digital system architecture, modernisation, traditional virtual machine or through to modern Serverless approaches, commercial off-the-shelf software operation to bespoke software development, delivered with high throughput, repeatable DevOps approaches to operations. With over half a decade of running critical authoritative government data sets that affects the lives of millions of citizens and the economies of the state, Modis has one of the most mature, experienced and recognised consulting service providers in the world. More importantly, we like to work very closely with our customers, not providing something to purchase, but taking a deep understanding of their business, and providing the recommendations and implementations to ensure a modern, efficient, reliable and secure environment for digital business systems.Contact us
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