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Cloud is a booming technology, and AWS has lead analyst reports such as the Gartner Magic Quadrant for over a decade. So why join the Modis AWS Practice?

We connect the smartest minds to the most interesting solutions.

Why Modis for your AWS capability?

A focus on digital solutions and services

Modis has operated globally for over 25 years. In Australia, our focus is on systems integration, software development, and managed services. In today’s world of infrastructure-as-code-, or serverless, allows us to gather more speed of delivery, rightsizing, and concentrating on the higher level customer outcome.

Get Things Done Right

Velocity, agility, security. Our customers require solutions that are faster, better, cheaper. Cloud lets us iterate quickly and pivot as customer demands change.

Customer Focus

We focus on our customers changing and future needs and take on the understanding of our customer’s customer (C2), and understand the challenges, limitations, and opportunities in their market. We ensure that the solutions we propose, architect, implement and operate meet or exceed our customers desires.

Fundamental Security

Modis has delivered critical national and state digital infrastructure solutions for decades. We partner with organisations such as the Australian Signals Directorate and their Joint Cyber Security Centre for regular cadence on threats, tools tactics and procedures that we educate our staff on. We support the direction of the ASD Essential 8, particularly on the wider implementation of MFA, strong encryption, rapid patching, least privilege policies, defence-in-depth, and many more items that help protect our customers systems.

Continual Learning

We value someone willing to learn at a regular pace and offer support via our dedicated Training & Certification coordination team. We fund training and certification (and re-certification) for our consultants, to ensure they demonstrate they are qualified and validated as being experts in their field.

We celebrate the technical capabilities that our team demonstrate via their achieved success, as validated by these technical (and foundational) certifications. The Modis team are some of the most certified in the world, and our team are amongst the longest-certified in the world.

Our team also contribute as Subject Matter Experts back to the AWS certification process, writing question (items), and validating beta exams.

All of this builds a world class consulting practice.

Industry Engagements

Our consultants are encouraged to engage in industry and contribute their experiences to help improve the IT consulting industry. Our Modis AWS Cloud Practice team run and attend meetups across AWS Cloud, DevOps, Security, Analytics, Serverless, and more.

Our consultants regularly attend and present at vendor and industry forums and conferences, locally, nationally, and internationally.

Mentoring, Experience, Growth

Modis consultants implement, operate, and continually improve digital systems in Mining, Lands, Law Enforcement, Education, Health, Transport, and large enterprise. Our senior consultants mentor new starters and those progressing their careers, and our intention is that newer consultants will mentor those that come after them.

Inspiring Technical Excellence

Our Practice and capability leads are experts in their fields. The opportunity to work with them is one factor that many of our team look towards.

Modis AWS Practice Structure

The Global Modis AWS Practice is lead by our experienced, established global expert, James Bromberger, former AWS Security Solution Architect, and Linux & Open Source Expert.

In each country we have capability leads, centred around domains of technology, services or activities. In Australia, we have capability leads in the following fields:

  • Analytics
  • Cloud Native & Integration
  • DevOps
  • End User Compute
  • Migration
  • Microsoft Solutions on AWS (we have a Microsoft Practice as well)
  • Security & Networking
  • Serverless

We’re always looking at emerging technologies and require their own capability leads within our AWS Practice – but adjacent Practices exist at Modis on complementary capabilities on Testing, Project Management, and many more.

Deep and Wide Customer Opportunities

With more than 25 years in Australia, Modis is known to many companies and government departments for its excellence in outcome delivery. Modis has been present on government tenders and panels in most states and federal departments and has a dedicated team that responds to these processes.

Why you at Modis?

Student Placement & Internships

Yes, we’ll take students on to train them, and we’ll pay them too - you don’t need to volunteer! We’ll invest in you, give you the experience and knowledge to start your consulting journey.


Are your tertiary studies coming to an end with a TAFE diploma or University degree? Our team have programs for you to step in to.

Senior Technical Engineers

We want to have the best in the industry representing our brand and commitment to deliver outcomes. Our staff would love to collaborate with you, and help you achieve even more. You don’t need to be a manager of people to be senior at Modis – not everybody sees a career path that includes approving leave and people management tasks. Lead the technical teams with a project, across a customer, nationally or globally.

How do I join?

There are various ways to get started, and we suggest a combination of these.

  1. Register your CV with us: be sure to highlight your AWS experience and certifications (if any)
  2. Reach out to our staff that you know at the company (try LinkedIn)
  3. Respond to specific job advertisements
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Find out how Modis can provide you with innovative AWS cloud based solutions and servicesModis has been an AWS Advanced Tier Partner since 2014. Modis' AWS Cloud Consulting services encompasses fundamentals of cyber security, fault tolerant digital system architecture, modernisation, traditional virtual machine or through to modern Serverless approaches, commercial off-the-shelf software operation to bespoke software development, delivered with high throughput, repeatable DevOps approaches to operations. With over half a decade of running critical authoritative government data sets that affects the lives of millions of citizens and the economies of the state, Modis has one of the most mature, experienced and recognised consulting service providers in the world. More importantly, we like to work very closely with our customers, not providing something to purchase, but taking a deep understanding of their business, and providing the recommendations and implementations to ensure a modern, efficient, reliable and secure environment for digital business systems.Contact us
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