Azure Cloud with Modis

Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Digital Roadmaps and Strategic Visions

Over the last few years Modis has built a deep relationship with Microsoft and has achieved a number of Gold and Silver competencies with Microsoft.

These relationships stretch across the business both from a technology perspective as well as from an industry and business view.

The partnership sees Modis gaining early visibility of Microsoft's roadmap enabling us to consult with our customers' around new products and services which could assist them in solving their business problems.

With the strong move to the Cloud and Hybrid Cloud, we are ideally placed to work with our customers to develop Digital Roadmaps and Strategic Visions whereby we work with our customer and Microsoft collaboratively to migrate or replace legacy systems with cloud enabled platforms delivered on an As-a-Service basis.

The benefits

Automation and Process efficiency

Microsoft's investment in user design of their cloud based systems produces instant process efficiency via less clicks to complete an action, workflow and features such as dynamic editing of screens with powerful Microsoft Office online integration.

Cost Savings and Flexible Pricing

Our customers only pay for the licenses required. In essence this means that as people join or leave the organisation, the number of licenses being purchased can be altered. With SaaS cloud-based solutions the monthly cost is inclusive of licensing, hardware, infrastructure that is highly available and utilities costs – it is not just software licensing.

Reporting and Analytics

This platform provides a common data model, introduction of PowerBI and more user-friendly, self-service reporting capabilities. As components of the platform are introduced, a common data model is realised for true ease and power in reporting that will allow for more advanced business intelligence and Analytics.

Serviceability and Supportability

The online software is current, and, maintains currency through Microsoft updates.

Availability and Responsiveness

The cloud platform also ensures a highly available IT infrastructure. Microsoft supports this process with a 99.95% up-time 24x7. This removes the reliance upon local server rooms and costly backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Mobile Workforce

The platform modules are built be mobile friendly, accessible online (remote from PCs) and extensible through the Microsoft 'app' store.

What is Microsoft's intelligent cloud?

Microsoft has built their cloud platform in a holistic manner to ensure that all of the components work in a seamless manner with each other.

Modis Australia - Diagram - Microsoft's Intelligent Cloud
Image supplied by Microsoft

The foundation of this is the Azure platform itself which provides the cloud infrastructure.

Sitting above this layer is the Application Platform and Common Data Model. This application platform provides common libraries across the SaaS layer which includes both Office 365 and Dynamics 365. This includes the intelligence and analytics components of Power BI, Cortana Intelligence and Azure IoT and ensures that these analytic tools can be used natively across the platform and SaaS products without specialist integration being required. The SaaS platform exposes application programming interfaces allowing for third-party business applications to be developed on the platform. The Microsoft AppSource is an enterprise level application store. Independent Software Vendors produce solutions which are certified by Microsoft to work with their SaaS platforms, thus extending the business value of these platforms. These are provided via the SaaS model too.

Modis has provided real value to our customers working across the Microsoft Azure cloud stack. Examples of where we have been working on Azure includes:

  • Azure Analytics and IoT
  • Dynamics 365 and Office 365
  • Mobility
  • Bespoke Development
  • PowerApps

Analytics and IoT

Modis is a leader in the Analytics and IoT arena.

We utilise the Microsoft Analytics and IoT suites to bring predictive analytics insights to customers increasing their competitiveness and unearthing cost-saving initiatives.

Working with one of our Mining client's Modis provided a business analytics platform, which runs on Microsoft Azure. Using Microsoft tools, the platform ingests large volumes of data in real-time, enabling the mine's data scientists and engineers to soon self-serve visualisation tools, develop predictive algorithms, and combine disparate information sources.

To create the platform, the first of its kind in Australia, Modis had a direct line to the development team at Microsoft's Redmond research campus and pushed the boundaries of the technology to achieve quantifiable value for our customer.

Bespoke development

For those scenarios where a specialist bespoke solution is required, Modis delivers these through both on-premise and Azure models.

A recent example of this is the .Net development fully developed and hosted in the Azure Cloud around CCTV management which is being developed for a Public Safety agency to manage and understand the placement of CCTV cameras to assist with the resolution of incidents affecting the public’s safety.

Dynamics 365 and Office 365

Dynamics 365 and Office 365 often provide the first stages of digitisation for our customers.

We are currently working on Digital roadmaps and implementations with a number of our customers where we are bringing legacy on-premise solutions onto the cloud platform while simultaneously working to achieve process efficiencies and lower total cost of ownership to our customers through the digitisation of the business.


Modis has developed an Azure based platform called Modis Adapt.

Adapt is a Platform approach to delivering business solutions using consumption based delivery and support models. This platform provides mobility, security, integration to line of business systems and an exchange of information hub for related businesses.

We are currently implementing this solution for a state based agency which allows for its consumers to input information into electronic forms once either via a mobile or full website.

Through the Enterprise Information Exchange Hub this information is then federated through to subscriber agencies thereby easing the interaction of the consumers with multiple agencies. Modis and Microsoft have worked together in promoting the virtues of this platform to the market.

Discover Modis Adapt


Modis understands that businesses today are seeking new ways of improving productivity by digitally transforming business processes utilising the latest mobile technology solutions.

Unfortunately, cost, time to operation, and various device operating systems often stifles development of employee-facing business applications.


Introducing Microsoft PowerApps, a service enabling both business and professional developers to rapidly develop custom cross platform mobile applications to solve everyday business problems and improve productivity.

PowerApps addresses the conflict between IT and the citizen developer by offering a platform which enables a secure, scalable, managed and integrated deployment environment, which also supports a rapid and iterative development cycle.


Modis, selected by a large Australian Public Safety Organisation to migrate an existing small asset register from Microsoft Access to a PowerApps application demonstrates our commitment to improving our customers’ productivity and solving their business problems by using the latest mobile and digital technologies.

Leveraging our strong relationship with Microsoft and applying our expertise in application development ensures our customers success in their digital transformation goals.


PowerApps forms part of the larger Microsoft Business Application Platform ensuring all bases are covered concerning solving business problems and improving productivity

Modis Australia - Diagram - Microsoft Azure PowerApps
Image supplied by Microsoft

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