Reducing WA's cost of infrastructure through data consolidation and cloud migration

In 2015 The WA state government created the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO).

One of the first initiatives from the OGCIO is the GovNext-ICT program.

What is GovNext?

GovNext aims to:

  • Reduce the state’s cost of infrastructure through data consolidation or cloud migration;
  • Enable the migration of the majority of government compute and storage
  • Establish a whole-of-government unified network; with secure standardised connections to public cloud providers; and
  • Enable extensive user self-provisioning capability

This initiative will affect the way IT is performed in every WA government department. The question, is "Are you GovNext ready". Take the opportunity with GovNext to strategically reduce cost and drive more value from your application portfolio.

As an independent organisation with experience in application portfolio migration to cloud or a consolidated data centre, Modis can provide unbiased guidance to support your agency’s requirements.

In early 2016, Modis assisted the Department of Corrective Services in becoming GovNext ready.

After a period of rigorous analysis, Modis assisted in producing a comprehensive GovNext transition roadmap for the agency. The roadmap included:

  • A high level schedule of the tasks involved in the GovNext transition; including a list of prerequisites for consideration prior to the application transition;
  • Potential applications that could be decommissioned or consolidated into other applications prior to the transition to GovNext to reduce cost;
  • A defined set of applications that could be transformed into “software as a service” solutions prior to the transition to GovNext; and
  • A sequence for the transition of applications to the GovNext service once the service was available.

This roadmap is a great asset in strategic planning for the lead up to GovNext services becoming available and will be invaluable in the execution of the transition to the GovNext services.

Diagram - GovNext, The 5 Phases of Transition

Modis has:

  • In-depth knowledge of GovNext and the experience in assisting Departments become GovNext ready
  • Vast experience in application modernization. Taking that difficult, outdated application and making it cloud ready and easy to maintain
  • Deep technical knowledge of cloud based solutions. We understand the delivery mechanisms and technical constraints associated with Cloud Solutions and will be with you when your transition to GovNext

How Modis can help

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