Jury Management System

Cloud-based, streamlined and automated. Improved service quality, improved efficiency

Following the successful launch in NSW in 2014, the Modis Jury Management System (JMS) makes it easier and faster for jurors to navigate their way through the justice system.

It is a unique cloud-based solution which optimises the jury management selection process by streamlining and automating the selection activities and improving service quality and efficiency.

The JMS is a NSW government innovation which improves stakeholder engagement, removes manual processes, and provides a process and cost saving to court jurisdictions worldwide.

This JMS system improves accessibility and responsiveness and enables clear and consistent messaging for a quality user experience.

It’s taking less than 30 minutes to check-in up to 300 people for jury service compared to more than 3 hours under the old manual system

User centric design

It promotes a self-service opportunity where users can interact at times that are convenient for them. Through the user-centred design, there is low on-going maintenance, low training costs and innovations are understood and embraced.

What was once a cumbersome and labour intensive process is now quick and effective, resulting in a faster and more accessible justice system

Processing time reduced by ~75%

Outcomes have shown to cut processing time by ~75% making this platform more effective and efficient for everyone involved.

Juror Processing Time

Downing Centre – Juror Assembly Room

  • Improved panel processing – reduced friction
  • On the spot check-in and excusal determination
  • Improved service and reduced double handling
  • Automation and reduction of paper processing

Modis Australia | Jury Management System (JMS) – Juror Processing Time

The system is compliant to level AA within the WCAG Guidelines and is currently utilised in 31 court locations across NSW.

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