Our Quality Management System is ISO 9001 certified

Modis' Quality Management System (QMS) is ISO 9001 certified and is maintained and continually improved to ensure effective support to our workers, partners and our clients in achieving business success.

Our certification under the international ISO 9001 Standard means assured process governance in our services and across our locations. Equal Assurance Governance Logo

Quality, Compliance and Risk Management at Modis work to support our company strategy and vision, and to ensure we meet our business objectives, ultimately adding value for all our stakeholders.

Together with our Work Health and Safety (WHS) System, our QMS and our associated certifications provide assurance and the framework for risk-based business decisions.

Our integrated WHS and Quality Policy

We’re always looking to deliver people and technology solutions that change the experience for Modis’ customers, partners and employees, but remain consistent with our proposals and agreements.

Our WHSQ Policy is our commitment to excellence in service and delivery.

View our WHSQ policy (.pdf)

A journey of continual improvement

Under our ISO certification, our QMS is audited on an annual cycle by our external certifying body. This is supplemented by a robust program of internal audits to continually verify, refine and improve our quality practices.

Modis’ QMS links back to our Risk Management Framework, which provides for a coherent view of the wider business risks that may impact on the quality of our service delivery to clients. Also, by understanding and managing any potential business issues or risks, we provide greater certainty and confidence to our stakeholders. Our internal audit programme is designed to align with this risk view, ensuring that we focus on high risk process areas in our audits and that the controls in place are functioning as expected.

Our QMS includes regular reviews conducted by our Executive Team, who look at QMS performance and compliance data and make recommendations for improvements, as well as ongoing feedback from our clients and staff, which is complemented by an annual client survey conducted by a third-party.

All insights and issues from audits, reviews, feedback and other sources are managed through our continual improvement process to ensure they’re leveraged effectively in reviewing our processes, systems and practices to better support our service delivery.

Delivery assurance framework

Our Delivery Assurance Framework and Processes have been put in place to ensure our customers can rely on Modis to deliver to agreed outcomes in a consistent, successful, cost-effective and timely manner. Saving them time, money and ensuring peace of mind.

Never complacent, we are constantly refining our Delivery Assurance Framework and Processes based on lessons we’ve learned and customer feedback. The goal is to ensure that controls, monitoring and metrics are in place that will support our teams and help our customers to be successful.

By listening to our customers and understanding what they want, we can provide the right solution and outcomes they need. This is a key component of our Delivery Assurance Process, which starts when an opportunity is identified. The information we gather from our customer feeds into our Sales Process to ensure that we fully understand the risk profile, scope and resourcing requirements. The process continues throughout the Delivery phase and includes reporting on a monthly basis to our Executive Team as well as Delivery Health Checks, which complement our internal QMS audit programme.

Quality in resourcing and placing talent

When our clients rely on us to provide the best talent, how do we make sure that fully qualified, reference-checked and inducted personnel are placed with our clients in the required timeframe? By ensuring our experienced recruitment teams adhere to our proven processes, which are duly audited under our annual audit program.

This means our customers can rely on us to consistently provide them with the people they need to achieve the outcomes important to them.

Providing excellence by safeguarding quality

From our Delivery Assurance Process to the systems that ensure excellence in talent recruitment and placement, quality is central to our culture and all the services we provide for our clients.