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AWS DevOps Consultant

Ref: BROADBEAN_327281658215354

on 19 July 2022
Adelaide, South Australia
Contract Type

You will be responsible for supporting project teams and/or various customer operational workloads, whilst refining and improving DevOps practices, addressing technical debt, and helping to drive a cultural change across the organisation to rapid, small, repeatable, consistent, zero-impact rolling updates.

Some workloads under administration may be bespoke software builds, in in which case you will be maintaining end-to-end DevOps automation, from software build, deploy, and operations (CI/CD deployment pipeline). Other workloads will be Commercial off the Shelf (COTS), in which case the pipeline is deploy and operate (across nonproduction and production environments.

About You

You could come from a development or Systems Administration background, but you must be proficient in architecting Cloud-Native applications, working in an Agile and collaborative manner with the development teams and application owners, and producing Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery pipelines with Infrastructure as Code (IaC). You should understand security in flight with TLS and certificates , authentication and authorisation, application logging, telemetry, observability, alerting and triage. You should be routinely upskilling, learning new skills, and keeping up to date with changes in the AWS cloud, technology and cyber security.

Skills & Experience


* 2+ years' practical experience in AWS

* Experience of working in an Agile/Scrum environment

* Knowledge of AWS Well-Architected Framework and Cloud migration best practices

* Prior programming background in at least ONE programming language: C++, Java, Ruby,.Net, NodeJS or JavaScript, etc.

* Scripting (bash, PowerShell, Python)

* Experience working with AWS serverless architecture and Cloud Formation i.e. Lambda, API Gateway, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline.

* Knowledge of development processes and methodologies.

* Experience with CI/CD pipelines, tools, best practices, etc (Jenkins, Bamboo, AWS CodePipeline, CodeDeploy, etc)

* Understands Cloud Computing technologies and workload transition challenges

* Source Code Management (Git, CodeCommit) and an understanding of branching strategies

* Build / Dependency management (Maven, Gradle, AWS CodeBuild)

* Infrastructure as code (any of : Cloudformation, AWS CDK, Terraform)

* Configuration management (any of: Ansible, Chef, Puppet, FAI)

* Monitoring and Observability (any of; AWS Cloudwatch, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, Filebeat, Fluentd)

* A strong desire to continue to learn about Cloud platforms and technologies, and continue your certification journey

* A good communicator with a collaborative approach


* Windows administration and automation

* Linux administration and automation

* Experience with a wide variety of open-source platforms, technologies, and tools

* Knowledge of best practices for always-on services


* Preferred: AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional certification

* Desirable: AWS Certified Associate Certifications: Solutions Architect, Developer or SysOps Administrator (in addition to the above)

* Desirable: AWS Certified Security - Speciality (in addition to the above)

The Role

As an AWS DevOps engineer with Modis, you will be tasked with servicing Modis customers as part of our Modis AWS Practice. The initial engagement we envisage may be for a public sector customer in South Australia. As a Modis employee, you are supported by and part of our practice, with access to our Best Practice (tenets), and the rest of the large number of AWS-certified experts within Modis, to help you ensure delivery excellence, adhering to the Well-Architected principles. As a member of our Modis team, you may be assigned to other customers over time, based upon your exact experience, background, capabilities, and interests.

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