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ICT Security Specialist

Ref: BROADBEAN_764091683686447

on 10 May 2023
Sydney, New South Wales
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Role Purpose:

As a technical consultant, you'll play a key role in a project aimed at deploying IBM Security solutions for a large enterprise customer across multiple geographies and data centres.

You'll be responsible for providing technical guidance and performing hands-on implementation activities to deliver IBM QRadar, SOAR, and XDR Connect software products.

Specifically, your responsibilities will include:

  • Collaborating with the IBM architect to define the high-level design for the QRadar deployment
  • Developing as-built and supporting architectural documents for the QRadar deployment
  • Deploying QRadar consoles, Event Processors, and Flow processors in the client environment
  • Assisting the client with onboarding log sources, including the creation of custom DSMs where necessary
  • Installing Redhat Openshift to facilitate the deployment of IBM XDR Connect and SOAR
  • Deploying IBM XDR Connect and SOAR on Openshift
  • Configuring use cases in QRadar, with appropriate tuning and optimization
  • Deploying SOAR automation playbooks.

Mandatory skills or expertise include below mentioned:

  • Experience in IBM QRadar SIEM & Resilient SOAR Architecture and health checks
  • Experience in planning, installation and configuration of IBM QRadar SIEM
  • Experience in SIEM administration and event/flow architecture and different types of logs generated by devices like Windows, Proxy, Network Devices, Database…etc.
  • Ability to support the client with log and flow data source onboarding
  • Experience working with the customer to develop use cases based on provided business requirements
  • Experience in RedHat Linux for QRadar system administration and troubleshooting
  • Experience with deploying and operationalising RedHat OpenShift
  • Excellent verbal/written communication skills
  • Experience in building custom Device Support Modules
  • Experience in JSON and REGEX
  • Experience in IBM Cloudpak for Security / XDR Connect
  • Ability to consult on current industry security trends to advise our customers on what use cases and rules they should be implementing in the SIEM solution
  • Experience facilitating design workshops as it relates to the implementation of a SIEM solution
  • NV1 Clearance or Above
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