The Cloud: Are you ready?

The Cloud: 5 key things to think about before modernising an app for the cloud

Peter Hawkins | Executive General Manager Consulting - Modis Australia Posted 18 March 2021

Now is an ideal time to modernise applications for the cloud. However, when it comes to doing so, there are some key considerations that you need to think about before you get started:

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WHY are you doing this?

Why do you want to modernise this application and what do you hope to get out of doing so? What are your goals and objectives? Is this part of your overall business and/or marketing strategy?

WHICH apps will you modernise?

Not all applications are going to be suitable for the cloud. Which do you need to prioritise and why? Which are essential to your business moving forward? Importantly are there any that you can and should retire?

WHERE will they live?

Some applications may be more ideally suited to an on-premises environment, and some to a more hybrid environment. Which are best for the cloud? At Modis, we recommend developing an application development framework that defines which apps you keep and which you throw away, and where everything will sit.

HOW will you get there?

Moving to the cloud isn’t strictly a ‘lift and shift’ exercise. While it’s possible to shift the hosting of an application from an on-premises environment to the cloud, some applications need to be completely re-engineered or modernised so that they will work in a cloud environment. Modis offers a Rapid Delivery Platform that can help you determine which applications to move, and how – so you can migrate key applications to the cloud with a minimum of fuss and risk.

HOW will they work together?

One of the great benefits of having your apps in the cloud is that they can potentially integrate and work better together to deliver deeper and richer business insights. Before you start any migration, it’s important to think carefully about how your apps will integrate with each other, and with your on-premises or hybrid assets.

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