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Modis Posted 26 October 2021

Is your technology roadmap ready for hybrid working? In 2020, COVID-19 quarantines and lockdowns made commuting and working in an office close to impossible and businesses had to provide a solution. This meant many tech and office employees performed their roles away from the workplace. Just one year later, after much of the nation has reopened, many employers have now opted for a mix between in-person and remote work, or a hybrid model. This shift is creating a big technological challenge for your organisation’s infrastructure. But before we discuss some solutions to this future of work, we must understand what your employees are expecting upon their return.


In our new white paper, “Resetting Normal”, we asked 14,800 respondents across 25 countries about what they want and expect in their return to work. Globally, workers want to maintain a hybrid working model where 53 percent of their time is spent working remotely, with 47 percent of the time in the office. When it comes to employee preference, our study shows 47 percent have placed higher value on the ability to work remotely more than before the pandemic.

Although there is excitement about returning to the physical office and seeing colleagues for 57 percent of respondents, there is also some anxiety. 42 percent of those surveyed are anxious about a return to the office and seem to be more concerned about losing the benefits of remote work. Striking the right balance and acknowledging that ‘one size will not fit all’ will be key for companies to navigate this transition.

Hybrid Work Expectations Infographic


It’s clear that flexible and remote working options are no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ but are an expectation of workers as part of company policies to attract and retain top talent. The challenge for leaders is to build the right structures, technology and resources to ensure this new way of working is future proof, looking beyond the location of their employees.

As more workers transition from working at home to office to travel, your organisation will need to offer new technologies that ensure 24/7 connectivity. Can your employees seamlessly access the information and resources they need to maintain productivity whenever and wherever they need it? And, if they can access it, do they know how? In a recent survey, 80+% of cloud/tech leaders say a lack of internal skills and knowledge is a key obstacle to their ability to succeed in the cloud1. So, not only do you need to focus on infrastructure you also need to ensure proper education. Here’s where a strategic partnership with Modis comes in.


Moving to the cloud or optimising current cloud tech, while embracing critical infrastructure capabilities is your next step. With a renewed emphasis on speed, agility, and flexibility in real-time operations, increasing efforts to digitise operations and reimagine business models is inevitable. So, how can Modis help?

Q: Do your employees need to be educated on your new cloud tech?
A: Tech Academy - Modis closes essential skills gaps by delivering cutting edge up-skilling and reskilling to futureproof your organisations’ talent and drive performance.

Q: Does your organisation have outdated applications slowing down business productivity?
A: Application Modernisation - Bring legacy applications into this century by leveraging the power of cloud tech for scalability, productivity and lower costs.

Q: Do you prioritise safety and speed for your organisation’s cloud migration?
A: Cloud Migration - Work with experts who prioritise safety and speed and minimise disruptions when we migrate your assets, resources, and services/applications to the cloud.

Q: Are you worried about business continuity?
A: Cloud Advisory – Our advisory services work with you to create the best approach to move business applications to the cloud while eliminating downtime. You don’t have to do it alone!


The change is unavoidable, but you don’t have to face it alone. Modis is here to help. Our global presence, delivery capabilities and expertise provide the full range of technology and engineering resources that you need. We know you will need to pivot and adapt to new demands on cloud tech and infrastructure. Let's talk about how we can be there every step of the way.

To read the full white paper, click here. To learn more about how we can help you outperform your goals and your competition, contact us today.

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