Digitising your business

Posted 25 February 2019

What does digitisation of a business mean? There is a lot of discussion around digital transformations, digital strategies but this can mean different things to different people.

On a practical level a rapid ROI can be obtained through efficient processing found by moving from paper-based forms and manual processes into using electronic forms and electronic processes.

This is relevant in organisations which have manual processes, with siloed information being stored in disparate data sources. Where data is being entered multiple times, transposition and other data-entry errors can occur and have large impacts on the organisation.  Decisions can be made on unreliable data and manual processes which can also lead to a poor user and customer experience.

How do you improve this situation?

There are different ways of achieving a solution to these business problems.

Microsoft Forms

These are static forms which are included as part of the Office365 Enterprise platform. They are used primarily for surveys, quizzes and polls. They allow for input of data and can act as a replacement for simple, internal data collection forms.


Microsoft PowerApps

Part of the Power Platform with other components being Microsoft Flow and Power BI. The Power Platform is included as part of the Office365 Enterprise platform. PowerApps is used to digitise and automate small to medium business requirements through development of web and mobile forms applications. The PowerApps normally replaces simple Access databases and simple Excel “databases” within an organisation. PowerApps can also act as a front end to SharePoint lists.



Intelledox is a full forms-based platform which provides a way of transforming unstructured inputs via smart forms into structured outputs. Intelledox allows for the digitisation of complex business workflows particularly with form-based communication with external customers. It can be stand-alone or integrate with legacy or line of business systems. Intelledox is often used in conjunction with Dynamics 365 where customer processing is completed via Intelledox forms with data being handed off to Dynamics for back office digital processing.


Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is ideal for complex line of business applications back-office processing. It uses the platform approach to replace multiple complex Access databases or legacy line of business systems with complex workflow requirements.

The choice of tool you use is dependent on the problem you are trying to solve. Not just the immediate problem, but any outlining issues that need solving to provide the correct foundation for your platform/technical choice. The correct choice ensures that you have longevity of the platform and that the platform can be extensible and serve you well into the future.

At Modis, we have extensive experience working collaboratively with our customers to define their problems, their strategies and future needs and to help assist in developing the correct platform and also helping to implement that platform.

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