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Modis Posted 07 December 2021

Is your technology roadmap ready for the new normal? As the return to work continues to shift, so does the employee mindset.

We now know that many employees are expecting to maintain some flexibility on where they work. But, we’re also seeing a call for a shift in when they work. In our recent white paper, “Resetting Normal”, we asked 14,800 respondents across 25 countries about what they want and expect as they get back to in-office work. We’re diving into those results and sharing how technology will play a major part in ensuring a sustainable and engaging workplace for everyone.


During the last 18 months, while the world was in the midst of the pandemic, there were many positives found within the new way of working. Skills, work-life balance and even feelings of happiness improved.

  • 63% say digital and remote working skills improved
  • 50% say work-life balance improved
  • 49% say they are happier following the changes to working life


Productivity has survived the shift to hybrid work! Our recent survey results suggest that the longer people have worked remotely, the more they have adapted and the more confident they feel that their productivity is as good, or better, compared to working in the office.

  • 82% feel as productive or more productive than before
  • +7% increase from 2020 survey
  • 47% say their time-management improved


People want to work smarter, not longer. Maintaining flexibility and autonomy over their own schedules is key for workers going forward. Companies must build a culture of trust and re-invent planning and collaboration for a new era of flexible work.

  • 72% want employers to revisit length of work week
  • 73% want a focus on meeting the needs of the role vs a focus on number of hours worked
  • 57% believe their job can be done in under 40 hours


Right now companies and leaders are struggling with how to evaluate employee success and ensure continued engagement. Increased investment in technology and resources such as clear and personalised scorecards, ongoing analysis, feedback processes, and collaborative and adapted actions will be key to linking the success of teams and individuals to company success.

  • 68% of organisations have yet to communicate hybrid work plans to employees [1]
  • 72% of execs are increasing investment in tools for virtual collaboration [2]
  • 70% of execs are increasing investments in IT infrastructure [3]


  • How will your technology roadmap equip your business with the smart technologies needed to increase productivity and enable your teams to work smarter not longer?
  • Are you helping workers enhance their engagement by leveraging Smart technologies including AI, Machine learning, predictive analytics and others?


Technology and engineering are becoming one. Staying ahead of these changes is critical as the pace of transformation accelerates in your industry. Modis’ Smart Ecosystems build a sustainable tomorrow by harnessing the collective forces of 5G, Internet of Things and Big Data. Here’s how our deep understanding of your goals combined with our smart-industry expertise and leading-edge tech solutions can help.

Our comprehensive IoT expertise enables us to offer end-to-end secure commercial-ready IoT solutions. This makes it easier for your employees to work.

Our embedded experts offer services to incorporate 5G network qualities into products, services and processes. This means improved doc management, collaboration and communication.

Modis Data Analytics services unlock hidden opportunities and insights not only for your customers but also within your organisation. Use insights to improve employee management, productivity, employee retention rates, craft the right training programs, and increase efficiencies for management.


As the new work week becomes the new normal, reliance on smart tech will drive fast changes in your organisation and you need to adapt even faster. Why not partner with the industry experts to stand beside you as you plan for the future? Modis is ready to help you, your team and your organisation tackle challenges and capitalise on opportunities during your smart tech journey.

To read the full white paper, click here. To learn more about how we can help you outperform your goals and your competition, contact us today.

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